Does anybody have a logical explanation for this?

I remember a while back I asked if there was such a thing as a parallel universe. Honestly I don’t even care about creating or living in another Universe anymore. I’m just so shaken by this situation and I need an explination. I am trying to get a sense of it.

I’m 31. About a couple of weeks ago I was convinced that I was celebrating my friend’s 30th. Let’s call her Meghan. I thought that we were roughly the same age. On her actual birthday at work which was the 5th I went up to her. As I gave her my card I saw that the others she had littered around her said ‘Happy 21st’ and I was like ‘yeah, I know how it is. Telling everyone she is 21 to feel like a girl again.’ So I said ‘Happy 21st babe’ and winked. I checked her facebook and it said ‘June 5th 1997’. I thought 'this isn’t possible. Her birthday is June 5th 1988. We are almost exactly the same age, I’m just roughly a year older. I remember about a decade ago we bought our first drinks together but we had our passports so we were legally able to do so. She would have been about 11 then. I checked her facebook. All of her pictures are different than I remember, but slowly my memories are changing.

Does anybody have a logical explination for this? Am I just going nuts?

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I’m not even going to speculate on the extra-natural possibilities, but suffice to say I do feel this stuff does happen.

On the other hand, from a mundane perspective this kind of sounds like a kind of gaslighting. The million dollar question is did she look like she did at 21 or at 30? If she looks 30 still then I would say something is fishy on her end.

Also, do not be afraid to check with a doctor. I’m not saying you are crazy, but who knows? They might. Also, nobody is going to lock you away unless you express a plan to harm someone. If you have kids, just keep it to yourself.

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I’ve heard of time travel. Is it possible that happen?

Meaning she is no longer in the memories you have from a decade ago?

Hmmm…sounds like many of the “glitch in the matrix” accounts I have read. I say either you should get checked for some form of dementia, or you have accidently slipped into this parallel universe. Or even more weird, traded places with the “you” from this universe.