Does a Angel have better chance of communication than demons or spirits?


I have a question.

Would a angel have a better chance of communicating to a beginner than a demon or spirit?


Demons are closer to people and understand humanity better.


Depends of individual more than race but Rav might have a point, I am not sure. :thinking:

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Yes I totally agree, I have had much better luck with demons myself.

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Alright. I’m trying to find a Spirit, Demon or Angel to help me with my astral senses as well as sensing Spirits,Demons and Angels.

I have tried King Paralda but after trying for 3 days I haven’t been able to verbally communicate with him. However I have asked him (if he was there) if he could help me with developing my astral senses as well as senses in general.

I heard that Gabriel and Sastan can help me develop them. But I really need to hear them so I can help develop my senses.

So I’m not quite sure what to do. I’ve been practicing meditation for awhile.!

What are your thoughts on what I should do.

You should stop relying on spirits and do the work yourself.

See thats not a good mentality for magick if you ask me.You just rely on spirits before doing any proper work.Do you even know what preparatory immersion is? You just tried 3 days non stop to evocation lol and now you are thinking someone else can help.

No spirit will help you unless you help yourself.

And have some patience, even if you called the spirit by this point I am sure you are annoying it.


Keep practicing. It’s like a muscle you have to workout to strengthen over time. Look up on youtube exercises for your different clairs. Most of the exercises seem ‘mundane’ but they do help.

Yayizel might also be able to help. Get a copy of 72 Angels of Magick. He’s in there. But you’re also expected to put in work yourself aka PRACTICE!


Alright I’ll have a look on YouTube and look at the book. Also Paraldas Sigil is always open. Objects such as socks fade in and out. I already made a post on it but I believe that there is a connection but I haven’t practiced enough to develop anything. Thanks for the help guys

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Okay I want you to try this:

Next time put a time frame to your work with spirit before you consider it a failure.


Ok will do

It makes zero difference. They’re all daemons.



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The short answer is no.

But regarding asking for help, it’s fine. Ask for help from spirits as much as you can because you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll get stuff done more easily or quickly, depending in the situation and the vibrational frequencies involved. But don’t think they will do it all for you. They’ll put you to work, and you’ll need to meet them half way. But go ahead. You can form fantastic working relationships this way.

Regarding your senses. Don’t worry about these. The first thing you need to work on and develop is the ability to trust without requiring evidence. Your senses will develop as you use them. So call a spirit, pretend it is there visiting with you, and talk to them as if they were there listening. Tell them your stories. Tell them about yourself. Etc. You can do this with Lucifer. He won’t mind. :wink: The more often you do this, the better. Keep doing your exercises and instead of saying, “I can’t…”, tell yourself that your senses are always improving. After a while, you’ll find that they are improved.

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This is a quick way to make a thoughtform and placebo yourself into thinking you’re talking to the entity.

Also to the OP

It’s based on individual, both demons and angels have a “closeness” to humans atleast the ones that humans actually manage to contact. There’s no definite racial closeness. It’s more that majority here just work closely with demons and a few with both so you’ll have the former feeling their own closeness as a general closeness.

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They are thoughtforms anyway, in a sense. And you are talking to the entity. I’ve proven this for myself many times now.

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Talking to a thoughtform and talking to the real entity isn’t the same thing. It’s basically you making a falsified copy of your idea of the entity you’re looking to contact. If you’re going to pretend like it’s there that’s not real practicing that’s lying to yourself.


Thanks bro appreciate the support👍🏻