Does 72 spirits of goetia stay in Infernal Empire?

Where do 72 spirits of Goetia Reside ? Do they have separate astral world and stay with along 9 gate keepers in Infernal Empire ?

Yes they are kings and queens and such of the Infernal Empire.

I’m curious if they all live in the same Qlipha or not…

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Naw, they live in the suburbs and commute.


I’ve had these same questions in my mind. For me, the goetia is in the infernal empire and lucifer is emperor.

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What was recently told?
Lucifer on the Throne of Thaumiel?

Same here.

Yeah, I suppose. I talk to specific demons a lot. Answers aren’t clear all the time.

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They live in different Qliphots.

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@Rav Thank you for that enlightenment.
The 72 of the Goetia live in different Qliphoth.

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