Documenting My Servitor Work - Creating An Army

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So recently I’ve been experimenting with servitor work - specifically, making a mother servitor whose purpose will be the generation of other servitors. The idea was introduced to me by a friend, and I immediately got interested.

And yes, it is an extremely risky project. I don’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have experience with servitor creation or doesn’t know how to properly fix a screwed up servitor. Don’t worry, I made sure to install all the proper utilities - Kill Switches and whatnot.

Now then, onto the fun stuff!

So the whole idea behind the creation is to produce me a personal legion, or army, whatever you want to call it, to protect me, attack my enemies, fulfill my tasks, and all that good stuff. However, as a necromancer and a demonosopher, I wanted to use energies familiar with me - so I chose to build the Mother Servitor from Death Essence and tie in the energies of the Demon Star Algol.

Now, I understand that this kind of project would require immense amounts of energy, as well as constant supervision. For the power source, I turn to 3 Celestial Bodies - Saturn, Pluto, and Algol, and 8 Underworld Realms, which will have more purposes as well. I made a Master Sigil(MS), containing the mother servitor’s sigil in the very middle, the 8 Underworld’s sigils, which I made for each, and then finally the 3 Celestial Bodies sigils. I also included the number 118(Gematria for Death), 358(Gematria for Undeath), and 13 - a number highly connected to death, necromancy, and undeath. With all these sigils made, I linked them all together. I charged the MS with Death Essence, blood, and semen. The pure pressure it gave off before even being charged was, in all honesty, astonishing.

Now, I’m sure most of you are curious as to the structure of the mother servitor. Well, I’ll go ahead and explain! So, as you already know, the job of the mother spirit is to generate more servitors. However, you might ask yourself, how would she do this? So, the physical vessel of the mother servitor is a kind of box, or container. I would take an already pre-existing sigil for another servitor, the servitor I wish for the mother servitor to generate, and place it within the mother servitor’s physical vessel. The mother servitor was designed to basically scan the sigil, copy it, and produce what is copied. Or in other words, the data is put into the mother servitor who will copy it and make it’s own copies of that data, if that makes sense. However, it doesn’t end there. This is where another purpose of the 8 Underworlds comes into play. The mother servitor will basically take the energy of an Underworld, doesn’t matter which, hell, it could even be more than one, and infuse that energy with the energy of one of the servitors she is generating. This will consequently produce a new species of servitors - which I do hope to document. As well as a Kill Switch, I also included a Begin Switch. This switch would basically begin the process of copying and generating.

Now then, let’s talk about the servitor being copied and generated. The base servitor is designed to be Vampyric in nature, plus some other things. When I finished the production of the servitor and its sigil, I charged the sigil by adding some blood to it. And then, as you already know, I put the sigil into the mother servitor. Now all that remained was beginning the whole process.

Before I began anything, however, I needed to consult some spirits. I needed their aid to basically manage and train my army. In the days before I began this process, I’ve been noticing the name Noctulius, a Dark God from the ONA. So I decided to look into him, and I discovered that he’s a Vampyric and Necromantic spirit. So I decided to evoke him. Now, to cover only the relevant parts for this post, Noctulius had basically foreseen me working on this project and decided to jump at the opportunity of being a “tutor” for the servitors. And of course, I accepted. The next being I evoked regarding this project was the Higher Self of everyone’s favorite Chaos Magician, @Qayos. And with his aid, I made sure that everything was set up correctly, I wasn’t missing anything, and that there were no errors. And everything checked out! So now, all that’s left was beginning the process…

When I felt that it was a good time to begin, I said the Begin Switch, and the mother servitor began to analyze the sigil, and produce more servitors accordingly. At first, it started out slowly, but as time went on, the speed highly increased. And before I knew it, there were hundreds to thousands of them. The physical vessel of the mother servitor acts as a sort of HQ for the generated spirits to stay when they’re not in use. They can also be held in the various Underworlds. At the moment, these servitors still hold a hivemind, they do not have their individual personalities. And they are not that strong. So this gave me the idea of conjoining the current generated servitors into one servitor, combining the power and energy. And then once again starting the copy and generation process and potentially doing it again in the future, which would further increase its power. And so by this theory, I could create an overpowered army of servitors, as long as the mother servitor doesn’t malfunction or break down.

And so, with this, I do believe I have written down all my thoughts and actions and some of the plans for the future with this project. I’ll keep you all updated as I experiment more and more with this. Also, please do share your thoughts and opinions!


How did you knew theres hundreds of them? are you able to see them? :thinking:

I had asked a powerful friend of mine to sense it. And yes, I can relatively see and feel them… to a degree


im so glad i finally shared my methods of making spirits and that someone put it to good use :slight_smile: so excited :smiley:

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Hahaha, of course my friend! As soon as I read your experiences on it, it immediately sparked a sort of drive in me that I should try that out!

Can you share it with me too?^^

i can put my research and experiments notes here too if people would like? would be awesome seeing everyones ideas on it and see what they do with it


Go for it!

My spirit creation methods/experiments

this is one of the magicks i wanted to master along with psionics,necromancy, black magicks well im not going to sit here and list them. but when i was in high school about 8 years ago i had this wild idea of what if i had my own personal army of spirits. they started out as thoughtforms at first but then as i learned more and got better at energy manipulation i thought what if i made this like mother spirit that can birth other spirits and was kind of like a battery/generator but all had the collective conscience of each other and me. so i made the mother spirit gave her a physical vessel i programmed her to absorb energy from stars, and the earth and also the primordal abyss cause i was going through studying and practicing michael w ford work and pathworking namely the maskim hul after i read the necronomicon. then when that was set and she was doing it gave her certain other properities too and the ability to have a womb all the energy she would collect she could make other spirits with in my personal grimoire i had at the time i made departments for them catorgorized them like they were races each group with there own purposes and abilities. Now all of this took a long time to do it was a whole big project and i really dedicated myself to it at the time. now i didnt really tell anybody ever expect for my best friend cause i thought everyone else would just think i was crazy. but then again i didnt really care anyway cause it worked for me. over the years i started other spiritual/magickal practices and studies even offered them all to my patron at the time as a gift. but now all these years later im thinking about it again and wanted to perfect and expand on the art of doing this i never found my old grimiore i had with all there information on myh project but i remember most of it and wanna start it up again with all i know now

ou know those little warhammer figurenes or the dnd ones that you paint could make really good vessel for the spirits the mother thought form creates. and for the mother thoughtform you can even use a stuffed animal. good thing about stuffed animals is you can make a small incision open it up and put sigils, glyphs, runes, words of power or a written programs on flashcards, talismans, crystals i mean you can go all out and keep adding to it.
you dont take all the stuffing out you just take some of it out to put all the ingredients and components in then put stuffing back in it and sew it up again
and most important write everything down in a special sacred grimoire dedicated to your spirits you create and your experiments. in mine i had sections for whole races of these spirits and there properities, i made departments depending on what i was going to use them for. i also experimented with astral weapons and “astral wmd’s” and put those in there too. but some weapons can get very advanced in the fact that you have to be good at solidifying, materializing, adn manipulating energy for it to do what you want and there are no leaks so to speak

hahaha cool let me see if i can remember one of my wmd’s. yeah i was heavily influences buy nukes and sci fi weapons and dbz and the death star from stars lol. im like why not make an astral version of all these. so for the nuke i bought a crystal ball has the vessel a black one and when making the spirit or astral body of it i programmed it first to absorb destructive energy from the universe and specific stars i programmed it everyday compacting more and more to it then i programmed a trigger word and gesture to it so that when it reaches its target or location it would violently blow up. but just think if i would have known about keraktian death energy or the works in spheres of devastation back then. i do know though thats why i want to experiment again who knows what i can create now
then think about mixing this with uncle chuckie’s Psionics
but this is not something you can fully make in one night its really big projects that take alot of hard work, time, and dedication

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So I had just went with my idea of conjoining the servitors into one servitor with stronger power.

I basically took the sigil out of the physical vessel of the mother servitor and held it in my hands. I then visualized all the former servitors flowing from the physical vessel to the sigil in my hands. I seen them turn into a black goop and slowly build up into a larger version of themself. After conjoining all of the servitors, I put the sigil back within the mother servitor. The number of presences I felt was much much less, back to a singular one. The process shall now begin again.

So earlier today I was scrolling through TikTok. And I quickly came across one of the posts by Satan and Sons. This was one of the Demon Oracles videos. The Demon drawn was Baalberith. And I immediately got the feeling that I should call this spirit. That they wanna help and whatnot. This post will both be a description of my experience with him, as well as an update.

So I looked into this entity, discovered that he’s more popularly known as Berith, and chanted his name for a little bit. Then I went to do some pendulum divination, and one of my questions was “Does Baalberith wish to aid my Army?” And the answer was yes. I made sure to ask multiple times to reinforce the answer.

So I set about evoking Baalberith. I follow the belief that making a sigil for entities is better than using already existing ones, so I made him a sigil. And I went about my typical evocation process. When he appeared, I ask that he reveal his appearance. He appeared as a skeleton with black wings. He was wearing a crown and holding a scepter. I also saw an image of him sitting on an animal. I think it was an ox or a hippo.

I asked if he wanted to help and whatnot. He said, “Indeed”. I then asked what he could offer for my army, what he could teach. He said, “I can teach them specialized necromancy and advanced black arts. I can teach you as well.” I had accepted, and so did he. I asked what he wanted as an offering. He showed me an image of a piece of bread on his sigil. He said, “Keep it there for 3 hours.”

Anyways, that was my experience with Baalberith and an update to my servitor work. They, as well as me, now have a teacher to aid them even further. That makes it Noctulius and Baalberith.

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The first variation of species has been produced!
These beings came about via Baalberith and his teachings/influence.
They appear as basic humanoids with bird appendages.
Almost exactly like this, but excluding the scythe:

These beings are very necromantic, focusing primarily on undeath and the dead.


Another update for today:
So I felt pulled to integrate my own necromantic practice with this. And my army still needed knowledge regarding warfare, strategy, tactics, etc. So I decided to put something together to fill in these spaces. Basically, I wanted the perfect, or close to it, the knowledge base of all things regarding warfare. And sure, there may have been easier ways to do this, but I felt more pulled to do it the way I did. Anyways, I took the shades of 3 world-famous generals - Napolean Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, and Genghis Khan - and merged them together into one Metashade.

Here’s how everything went down:
Alright, so I began by meditating and opening all my chakras. I completely forgot to get into the Mortis State, but it proved fine in the end. When I felt ready, I evoked Baalberith and consulted with him, asking if everything was well designed and whatnot. I was primarily concerned with how I would persuade them, but Baalberith said that I should offer them time on the physical plane as they still have attachments. When that was over I set up a circle and opened a portal through the veil. I began by calling forth Napolean Bonaparte. I called him forth, the candel was going crazy. Idk why, but I completely spaced on removing the attached shades, but I had Baalberith take care of that for me. He accepted after I promised him what he desired. I then moved onto Alexander the Great. His appearance was very clear. He was tall, blonde, and looked like all the photos. The same process went down with him. And finally, I called forth Genghis Kanh. And just like the other two, the process was the same. One notable thing about their appearances was that they all appeared to stare blankly. They were quite literally lifeless lmfao. After they all accepted, I put them before and began to merge them. At first, they were repelling each other. Which made it difficult, my hands and arms started to shake. But in the end my Will was stronger, so I managed to merge them! Tbh, it was much easier than I expected. I asked for it’s name, which is Akeshiel - and I made it a sigil. And I put Akeshiel within my necklace, it’s physical vessel now. I told it its task and it agreed. And I finally ended the ritual by dismissing Baalberith. There were many times throughout the ritual in which my voice would take on a lower tone, and seem scratchier and whatnot. I think that’s all the details

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So I sent them on their first task!
This was a few hours ago, and I’ve been observing what has been going on since they left.
Beforehand, I hadn’t merged them for a little while, so the numbers built up immensely. Iirc, there were approximately 70,000(Big number I know, I was surprised too) of them.
An associate of mine had requested my aid in teaching some hooligans a lesson, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to test my Army - so I naturally accepted. I utilized the stacking effect of baneful rites for maximum efficiency and utilized my Army as the last method. I addressed the entire army, specified what I wanted them to do, and sent them on the way. I have three targets so I told them to split into three groups. When I sent them off, I saw them all shoot out, in three groups, towards their targets.

Since then, I’ve noticed that the production speed of more servitors has greatly slowed down.
I theorize that this is the case because the energy required to perform this task and the energy used to produce more servitors are the same energy, and the ones sent on the task are utilizing more of it. So basically, if I want the servitor production rate to stay the same and the task completion efficiency to stay quick as well, I will need to integrate more energy sources specifically to supply the energy for tasks, and not production.

wow a minion army. I havent thought about that yet🤓, but I did try calling Glasea Labolas to be a teacher for my servitor. my skills need a little work🥸

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