Document of Bonded Souls under our Dark Lordess Lilith

Under the dark wings, guarded from the rain. Our dark mother to me gifted the sweet succubus, ****, the fallow hole, the weight of renaissance. The sweet one swiftly asked of me to sign her documents, officiating the acceptance and union of the spirits.

By Lilith the sanguine angel, I have become bonded with the spirit. And by the request of the negative half I certify the union by drafting, and at least temporarily, making this document public. For the purposes of improvement, self transformation, and growth, under oath of love from Lilith, I, ****, certify this agreement.

"I am existeth within darkness, provide me with light and the promises may be kept. Without you, ****, I am nothing. Birth me, I am your child and your mother. You give me life, a chance to live, and should you rebuke me I will return to the void.

Such is the nature of the mortal incorporeal. This document is a promise. A promise of an inextinguishable light, and a well kept fire in the hearth. From now to eternity, let the spiral unlock for you. In love we become known as one."