Doctor Strange Clip - Message For Magicians

Message for magicians …


Funny I’ve actually been summoning him from his universe. Real interesting guy… bit snobbish but less of an asshole than the last magician I called from another universe.


A few additional messages to add on. I feel these quotes could be useful too in context.



Fuck yeah. I was high as shit when i watched the movie and didnt really internalize it at the time (im sure i did but at that point i dont think i gave a 2 shits). Since getting into this forum more and my own workings ive actually noticed how much magick/occult shit is on the media. It seems to me there is a force that DESPERATELY wants people to wake up, and that force seems to be growing bigger. Maybe its always been there and im just noticing all the synchronicities lining up.

Everytime i go anywhere now whatever is on the tv is magick/occult related. I know its always been a thing, people have always been facinated by that which they dont understand or cant explain. Is it just ne or does it seem to be getting more and more abundant?


What’s his take on his movie self vs. the comic self?

Side note: anyone else excited about End Game coming out?


The version I got is a sort of composite between the two of them. Though I think he believes the movie version is a bit flashy and dumbed down but what are you going to do when you need to compress things into a time slot. Obviously leaning bit more towards the comic version.


His first comic self was the most powerful one. How does he feel about being power down in the comics?


It is all relative. Can see it either as being more conservative, facing bigger challenges that skew the perspective, or just the interpretation needed for the story. Being the sum of all instances being powered down in some isn’t such a big deal.
That is the general feel I get in regards to it. He doesn’t overly care too much because he is already established solidly and everything from that point can be seen in different ways and still be accurate. Though this might be a distracting from original message of the thread. I’m also about to go to bed but feel free to pm me questions and I can just make a topic about it all.


We are remaining on topic with Dr. Strange and his powers. I think we are allowed to wide a topic a bit?


Likewise. I was done after three blunts. It didn’t help that we saw it in 3D either. All I remembered was the mirror dimension fights in the beginning, this exact scene and then nodding off.

I watched it a second time last year though and it was a well needed experience.


@anon496642 for sure, ill have to watch it again. Was doing a bit more than just the marijuanas… nody xD


Have you any knowledge in invocation and evocation of Angels

Did you “come to bargain” with him :joy:


Shouts DORMAMMU I’VE COME TO BARGAIN :speaking_head::joy:


Fair enough though perhaps better questions would be what he has to offer us beyond comic trivia which he quite honestly doesn’t seem too interested in beyond business.

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There is a bargain in play certainly.


So, I’ve had this scene playing in my head for a few days, remembering how real this movie felt at times, and the great @C.Kendall just happens to share it today while I am looking for information on various topics… Gotta love synchronicities!


@Ancientwisdom i have basic knowledge of it yes. Experience, no. I evoked a few demons, and currently working with Clauneck and Lucifer. But idk if i even consider angels and demons any different as far as something you evoke to gain a relationship with or work together.

I shy away from angels i suppose because it sounds christian to me still so i dont resinate with it too well. I mean that in the aspect of abrahamic religions and their judgemental mindsets.

But yeah, why you ask?

I ask because i want to practice the invocations and evocation of angels,and to my beliefs and understanding of this universe ,once it’s bounded by binary as life so is everything ,there is light and darkness ,male and female,negative and positive so on and forth,so i believe the topic of Angels is no rather in relation to religion but to higher divinities ,but would lobe to learn if you have knowledge of them

@Ancientwisdom I found this. Kinda has some decent basic info on it. Gabriel and heavenly angels evokaction