Do your ritual offerings disappear?

So I did I ritual with Azazel using some of my hair from me about a year ago. The wish was simple. Bring me on a path to become more like my older better self, giving my hair as an offering, I folded it on the paper with his sigil and put it away when I looked at it again the hair was gone. Was this supposed to happen?


Pretty cool. I haven’t had such experiences.


Your pact was accepted so he took it.


Do you live with other people who might be playing a trick on you? I kind of feel it was the spirit, but it is always possible someone (of the human kind) might be “playing with your head” so to speak. Just a possiblity!

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No i live alone. Just wondering what would be the best mindset to have to make sure the ritual works the best it can?

It sounds like your offering was accepted and your ritual was a success. If your still uncertain ask for a sign that your ritual requests will be acceded to and that it was the deity in question that took your offering as a sign of acceptance, that way you will know for sure if it was accepted or lost.

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Maybe it fluttered off somewhere on the back of a draught?

I haven’t had anything vanish, but food and drink offerings taste different (as if the essence was taken out of them) if consumed later.

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Yes, often. Then again, I usually leave offerings in form of food in the woods, to the fae. Of course some deer are going to come along and eat the things like carrots. Ever since I accidentally “summoned” a cat during one of my rituals out there, I’ll even leave a can of cat food out, early in the day enough so that the goddamn coyotes can’t get to it first; those assholes get way more than enough food around here. But, yeah, the fae like that my offerings serve a dual purpose.

On a tangent here, but what’s funny is that I’ve become SUPER protective over the woods I frequent. Anyone trying to build there or leave random trash behind? I want to fuck them all to fucking death, as if I’m one of the fae being pissed off myself. XD


shit how to summon a cat? I want one lol

I myself would like to know how that’s done…

Hmm. My offerings never vanish. Usually I’ll leave some food, I may consume it after its offered. Tastes funny though. Or I’ll just respectfully throw them away and give the spirit a new offering.

Liquid offerings often evaporate at an unbelievable pace- on a shelf out of the sun.

Even in ancient times, they assumed the physical animal eating the offering was either possessed or some sort of emissary from the entity.

Followers of Hecate in Greece used to have major feasts and leave the remainder outside, for instance.


I say “summon”, but in reality a cat just walked right up to me and started meowing loudly while I was doing a ritual in the middle of the woods. Still interesting, though, as I had never even seen any cats in those woods after all this time. It was as if my ritual drew the cat in.

This happened to me today I made an offering of some sweets to the angel of lost things and the taste after the offering did change a lot the sweets became simpler


did the cat hiss at u? lol

No, it just kept meowing very loudly. I kept doing the ritual, but afterwards I tried to slowly get closer to the kitty in hopes of petting it. I did not succeed, and it eventually ran away.

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