Do your dreams ever happen in real life?

hey guys, i was wondering if you guys ever have dreams and then shortly after, you see the dream become a reality.

i want to give an example because this is what sparked my question.

i recently had a strange dream involving me and another person. in the dream, there were random horses in front of a house we were at. this was a couple of days ago. today, i see on social media that the other person that was in my dream, posted a video of horses that were in front of him… they were galloping around just like in my dream. this is absolutely not a coincidence, its the first time i’ve ever dreamt about horses, and its the first time hes ever posted them. i’d also like to add that i remember the feeling of being with the other person, it felt real because its like thats how i’d really feel if the situation did happen. edit: i have done spells on this person.

another example that isn’t as strong because i barely remember the dream but still important to me.
i had a dream that i was with two of my managers and we had a conversation. i remember the room and just feeling absolutely uncomfortable but i don’t remember the dream that well. i only remember the feeling it gave me, the other people, and the location. a couple of days later, i ended up having a conversation with my two managers at work and the conversation definitely made me feel very uncomfortable. i was so emotional. when i went to tell my coworker what happened, i stood there for a moment and i was like wait i remember this, this happened before. thats when i realized it was in my dream. similar to deja vu.

does anyone else experience this? is this a psychic thing, messages for whats to come, or am i manifesting via my dreams? im not sure & if anyone else has this experience with dreams then please let me know lol i’ve always found that my dreams mean something but i think that this is getting a little too ‘real’ lol i’ve also noticed that the dreams where i feel the most emotion, like emotion is the main thing, are the dreams that are the most real to me.

my grandma comes to me in my dreams and i always remember the feeling and the conversations are 100% real and often she is speaking spanish (im not a spanish speaker but my grandma raised me and when i was a child, i understood a lot and spoke more because she would talk in spanish but i was never fluent) i also never dream in another language unless its my grandma talking and i understand her completely!

anyway, i just wanted to give that background info so you guys kinda know where i’m at with dreams and how they come to me!


This is actually a form of Precognition. It’s not unusual for some psychics to see snippets of the future in their dreams. I used to do this as a child, up until around age thirteen, but not so much anymore. There are stories about this kind of stuff online too, so you aren’t alone.


i’ll have to look at similar experiences because this is wild! i’m still wondering why i saw the horses in the dream and then the other person posted about horses :face_with_monocle: very interesting nonetheless

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Such thing has only happened to me once, and it was when I was a child, I dreamed a sequence of morning daily life events that happened just like I dreamed them when I woke up. I guess I suck at predictive oneiromancy


I’ve definitely had this happen. I alway thought it was deja vu. It started off small, where I’d be walking down the hallway and remember I had a dream about that exact moment. Usually I’d say aloud: “Oh, I had a dream about this.” I did it enough and started actually saying it in the “previews” of the moment in the dreams and it made it much easier to determine “deja vu” vs. my other types of dreams.

It evolved into more serious things, like I had a dream about my grandfather having a heart attack, then the next week BAM. My grandmother said: “Because you told me about that dream, I knew what it was immediately.”

The mind is fascinating.

I remember you saying this in your other post! :hushed: Absolutely fascinating.

Y’know–relating this to your other post–I used to believe these “snippets” of life were indications that I was going in the direction I was supposed to or “something extremely important is happening in my life right now.” Maybe this is an indication that the spells are working like you’d mentioned?

I don’t think you’re manifesting… I definitely think its a psychic thing!

I absolutely LOVE reading about this stuff.


hmm, i don’t remember dreaming much as a child but this has started in my early teens i believe, maybe 16 or so. its just been like this ever since but its definitely getting stronger and more obvious. i’ve also tapped into magic more than i ever have in my life so maybe thats why.

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oh my god thats crazy!!! one time i had a dream that the person i’ve been working on was deathly ill, very sick in my home and then i found out he was sick. not deathly ill or anything but sick enough to go to the hospital!!

yes, its so fascinating! i take things like this as a very positive sign.

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I don’t think you suck at it at all, I think children just happen to be more sensitive to things than adults, and that as we grow up we have more on our minds and more things to do in our daily lives that eventually take up that free creative Childlike energy we had. This is all loose theory though, and nothing I say should be taken as fact.

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My significant other regularly experiences what you have started to have. I have it as well, but I am awake and it happens to me all the time. Sometimes it is images, sometimes it is thoughts, or it can also be flashes of intuition. The difficult part is when it is something bad that is going to happen and you have to decide to tell the possible future victim or sit on the info and hope it doesn’t happen. I used to be a police dispatcher and sometimes I would tip off my officers when something bad was about to happen. It was stressful, but they trusted me and did not ask questions. @itsAlexthe7

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Oh man, that’s content I like to read! It’s definitely stressful and laboring, but the good you’ve done is deeply appreciated by someone in the universe (I can definitely say I appreciate the work you’ve done!)

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I haven’t told many people about that. I used to participate in an IARPA think tank and I predicted a tropical storm landfall months in advance. It got their attention. IARPA stands for Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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Mine wound up lessening into a Clairaudience versus imagery sensing. I tend to just “know” specific things without rhyme or reason. I’ve been able to predict small events throughout life before they happened, though not anything as amazing as predicting an earthquake. It always tends to pertain to my own life or sometimes those I care about.

To be honest only one time it became real, a warning that my nephew will get hurt
Other dreams are just fantasies i guess, recently im having some crazy dreams about talking lions, weddings, parties, sex, lamborghinis, women, money, sea monsters LOL :grin:

Not too long ago I had a dream of this girl I really like I never met her just followed her on social media and in the dream her and her boyfriend broke up and the next day she broke up with him!

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Use to all the time when I was a kid but was always really negative premonitions so at the time it scared the shit out of me.

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This has definitely has happened to me on multiple occasions. It may even be a long time after I had the dream and forgot about it, and then I’m doing whatever IRL, and all of a sudden get a sense of deja vu, and then I recall that I dreamed this exact situation, down to details.

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Actually yes. Very rarely but I know in my gut when it’s a dream that’ll come to pass. This only happens once every 6 months to a year though.

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I had a dream that I was walking through the neighborhood of the guy I was dating. I get to his house. Knock on the door and he tells me that he is dating someone else. It was “over”. The girl was in his home too. I was so heartbroken in my dream.

Well, 3 days later. This same guy calls me and tells me he is dating someone else and it is over. He had been cheating on me for 3 months. I never suspected. I did not know if to cry or laugh. It was a wtf moment.

A few times and they were all nightmares :persevere:

Yes I often dream things before it happens