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I see posts about needing help with weight loss and addiction among other things. I myself have a few pounds I want to lose. I would also like to quit smoking. If anyone is interested in a support thread where we discuss magickal assistance as well as the mundane aspects I was thinking about starting one in a week or so. It would also work as a thread to refer people to whenever they ask about those topics.

I don’t want to do so unless there is an interest though. I have no issues going it alone. Just drop a line and I will pm you or tag you whenever I get it together. Just keep in mind while the focus will be heavy on the spiritual aspect you can’t forget the mundane. Work is key!!!


I’ll support it

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I also want to lose weight and change habits, count me in.

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I want to maintainish my weight and not blow up for the next 7 months.

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No oils, no processed foods, reduce animal product consumption.

Eat nutrient dense foods and food with high amounts or water. As well as high fiber foods. Fiber satiates your stomach a lot. People eat in terms of volume not necessarily calories.
200 calories Apple and peanut butter will fill you up a lot more than a chocolate bar.

Drink a glass of water before every meal and stay well hydrated.

How not to diet and how not to die are both good books.

Fasting is also ver healthy and will help intermittent is good. But a 2day fast a week will put you at a coloric deficit for the week without trying, it will also let your body heal.

Protein is also overrated your body dumps 90 grams of protein in your blood everyday. This is because there is only a few amino acids that are essential and are not already made by the body.

Also working out in the mornings boosts your metabolism. As well as cold water and teas.

Green tea is duper healthy and caffeine is a apetite supressant.


I will make a post for them after I get off work today. I have a few things I want to share and a few things I want to look up.

Thank you for the videos @Titan.M I have wanted to go vegetarian for a while then possibly move on to vegan. I need to work on a few addictions in my diet right now. Perhaps this is the time for me to start considering it more seriously.

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Drink water your body will naturally start hating junk food.
Change your identity to a healthy person.
Awaken the giant within is a great book.

Also me, for example while I have a little of belly I need to gain weight.


Link to group

As I say on the post. The name is cheesy and unclear. I was hoping one of you might think of something catchier

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