Do you use a different altar for your baneful magick?

Rather than the one you use for everything else? I came across this video and was wondering what peoples thoughts were/ if they do the same or if they use the same altar.


Its best to use different altars so they hold a charge. But technically no it isnt required. I have a whole temple and I can’t fit an altar for every situation.


Yes- absolutely- i have a copper tray I use for Baneful work.


I too have a temple/altar dedicated to Cthulhu, Tiamat, Tanin’iver, Archangel Samael, Lilith and Baphomet. Either one of them can be called upon for baneful Magick among other things.


Yes, feel for the darkest corner or other location in your home, there’s usually a place that naturally feels a bit dead or unpleasant, I do mine there with items kept for that purpose, and sealed in metal (tins, aluminium baking foil even) afterwards.


Not enough space in my ritual room for a fourth altar, but I do have a separate altar cloth for baneful workings, and a baneful dagger.

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I use a different space in order to keep the energy there unbothered. I’m not going to work a healing or give an offering where I’ve specifically raised energy to destroy. I’m actually best at baneful magick so for me to do more " positive" magick I need to really keep THAT space flowing in its own too.


It depends on how much your baneful work is tied to your money workings.If you are compelling people to return money owed to you or enforce financial promises made to you.
Sometimes it more about making money stay or keeping creditors away rather than getting in money.

My altar is my marble window sill.Its the same black candle colour I use as a ‘hello’ to spirits I know and love so much.It rests on my black book of learning and spells which I have consecrated with my own blood.Sometimes the book is my altar.

A lot of people I know had entire rooms as temples and altars.Im pregnant with 2 small kids, can’t afford to leave stuff around as kids are curious.They will all grow up to be perfect witches and mages but I don’t want them discussing anything weird about their mom at school.

Maybe the spirits understand my limitations and are happy with my blood offerings and live sacrifices at the graveyard.

I hope we witches and mages see better days ahead of us where people are less weirded out by our lives.

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The 2 alters i use are tied with specific forces each able to be used for benifit or bane.

Type and perspective also play into things.
Poverty and wealth are of the same current
Scarcity and abundance as well.

A “baneful” way to attract wealth would be to kill or repel poverty . Same applies to healing. To restore health from a disease you can target the disease or condition to kill it thus making it easier for the body to repair the damage, this could be done in concert with treatment to deal with it both in and out of the temple.

What is beneficial to one thing is malevolent to its opposite pole. Especially if they are fighting for territory in your life.