Do you think you can alter, forge or create your own soul or another?

Sorry, I have nothing to offer to open this debate, so it remains the question…

What you guys think of this?

I think you can alter your own soul, firstly by dissolution into the All and then willed rebirth into individuated selfhood again - I believe this was originally why Brahmins were called “twice born” - but that it was a state of post-initiation, probably got lost along the way.

Based on experience, I think you can alter your own soul with prolonged possession states, and through various kinds of energy work - the initiatory opening act in core shamanism is to retrieve a spirit animal helper, which often merges into you, so it can in some cases be a part of your own soul that, had you not undertaken the journeys, would never have naturally been added back in.

People can definitely create sentient, and self-preserving, life in the form of egregores, that is to say sitting down with a template and creating a soul to fill that template - the “Philip” experiment proved that even non-magicians can do this.

Can you create your own soul? I think you can aspire to become a kind of person, and become them, yes - I did that as well, I was angry and very bitter and negative as a teenager, and I knew people like that tended to not be sucessful or happy, so I worked really hard to change it, and I believe I succeeded… well, maybe 2 - 3 days a month you don’t want to look too close! :o)

So my vote is yes to all.

You have a SoulSpirit. You are already an energetic being whom was created where you have the potential to do the same.

Altering my own soul was something I learned how to do a couple years ago. Adaptation and evolution is why I have been able to get this far.

This is why I love balg, the outta the box stuff can be found here.

I like that method you mentioned Lady Eva, and its somethinh I think I can do.

As a side note, after reading about Regardie’s explanation on the path of qoph in his Garden of Pomegranates, I got an insight on ky current issue. He mentions that the aspect of that path is somewhat foggish, as the astral plane, as opposed to the higher planes that tend to be more luminous.

Im very used to that luminous material, even in its dark aspects, but I dont recall ever working with the foggish thing, so I produced some see what it is all about. Happens that when I absorbed it I got an instant of lucidity in this physical plane, my mind flowed better and I could hear my subtle bodies crackling. When I saw what was happening, there was like a solid cascade of dark luminous material, as if ultraviolet light crystalized, in the midst of the white fog I produced and absorbeb, and they seemed to be interacting very well, with the crystal being slowly dissolved.

I think my error was that I was trying to incorporate the luminous materials directly upon my body, and that was causing extreme fixation and thus I could not function properly in this plane. Im feeling ok today as opposed to the always-saturnine sensation that surrounded me all my life.