Do you think this is true?

Do you think Learning to pray and do spells in Latin would be useful with Lucifer?


Prayer is a form of spell work when you call on another entity to make your desires manifest,but the language isn’t important it’s the power of intention put into it.


Well I got my answer I prayed in Latin in Lucifer would give me a sign if praying in Latin would help. And my Dogs been barking at things I cant see in my house.

Unless you are using a specific incantation taken from an old grimoire, I think it’s best to just use your native language. Demons do not “speak Latin,” as simultaneously amusing and frustrating as that would be.

It’s not necessary to use any particular language, though in a manner of speaking, using a non-native language could act as a psychological gimmick to allow for compartmentalization, meaning you use X language when you’re super serious and focused, so on a subconscious level there’s no association of the language you use to order tacos as being inappropriate for commanding the forces of the universe (dissonance). This may not seem an issue to adepts, but in my experience this is a fairly frequent issue among newer practitioners who to a degree are still unsure about the whole magic thing. When ones mind isn’t laser focused and unified with will and intent, results are apt to either be sloppy or non-existent. Exempli gratia, if there’s a nagging thought in the back of the mind that magic can’t be commanded in everyday tongue, that creates a blockage for the younglings.


I was very hesitant to venture into any of the ATR religions because I have difficulty with foreign languages. My godfather could not understand why I was so hesitant to proceed when the spirits kept telling him I was ready to. When I told him I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to communicate with them he did a reading and asked them about it. They said they did not care what language I used when I addressed them because they could understand me.

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Just chiming in, I agree with the thought process language doesn’t matter, its the intent. You should pray in the language you feel more comfortable with. When I am really focused or mad, my brain tends to default to a different language, which Lucifer apparently finds hilarious. Thinking about it though I can see why, so focused or ranting and blending two languages probably sounds pretty funny.

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Your spell or your prayer is more about you than it is the force or aspect of the universe you are interacting with. If you think using another language adds some pizzas to your ritual and gives you a psychological edge, then by all means go for it but don’t mistake it for something that this force actually cares about. You could speak to Lucifer in pig latin and he’s not going to be any more or less impressed with you. The ritual and all its parts are about your ability to connect not his.