Do you think this is legit?

Here’s a secret diary of an admiral long time ago that used to travel past the poles and saw an entire civilisation where ice is supposed to be seen but he said he didn’t see ice but a civilisation… do any of you believe in this???

Oh yeah, the antartica story right? Nah.I don’t believe it.

Yes oh ok shame… you back again since July?

Lol yes I took a break but I am the same asshole just fifteen days older so look out :laughing:

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I don’t take it to heart don’t worry how r u an asshole anyways ???

Lets keep it to topic, do you believe in any secret things being in south pole?

Yes I do because Antarctica is completely closed off and bought by many nations why would you go so far to buy a piece of snow right I don’t get it, and no one flies past the pole you’re not even allowed to have your expedition no matter how rich you are… you can have your expedition but not go too deep into the arctic that’s what I believe

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I remember seeing this before. I think it’s legit, but then again, I believe in many conspiracy theories. The theories on their own seem unrealistic, but you start webbing them together and it paints a pretty complete picture of the world we’re living in. At least I think so. If magick is real, why not all this other stuff?


I don’t really believe it but at the same time maybe at some point there was a civilization on the ice but maybe not.

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There’s a hell of a lot that we can learn about the history of our planet there. Most of it is completely untouched by the outside World, and that’s the point. The treaty there is to protect the land from being ‘corrupted’ from outside influences, and by that I mean so that the scientific data that comes out can be kept as ‘pure’ and accurate as possible. To keep its ecosystem as intact as possible and thriving.

I love conspiracy theories and yeah it’d be hella cool if there was some kind of secret alien base there, or a secret civilization, or even a yeti, but I think it’s even more awesome that we dumb ass humans have been able to keep a place on this planet as untouched as we have so far.

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My father was in the military and stationed at the McMurdo station. He never gave up any secrets but, was always interested in Ufo’s and aliens. So… I believe it

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Did he say that there was definitely something out there?? But never talked about it??

That means that the arctic contains something right because it would’ve been free expeditions by all humans and even inhabited but instead you can’t ever cross it it’s protected by military

He said the science research station was doing secret things. He was in the sea bees so they mostly helped with construction.

Rumor was was in the 80s a guy pass the security there,and found a old city.a crashed ovni.and got back asap.but say that admiral bird dairy is fake. He was like a Maverick explorer.

Tbh I really dunno. I’ve come across several theories about this. One of the crazy ones is that “explorer’s” found the edge of the earth and thus found the firmament. It ties into the flat earth theory and religion.

I’ve also read a theory that suggests that the passage to the center of the earth is located in the north pole; and that there is no hot magma core but an entire beautiful untouched closed ecosystem.

There could be some truth to this or it could be complete BS. Either way it’s fun to ponder and theorize.

Exactly it’s fun. I don’t know but speaking about this in real life with a balg or seeker companion seems to be fun…

what does it mean?? It means it’s not allowed to be known by us…

I am curious if the whole said civilisation evaporated altoghether with the ice in last 50ty years…IMG_3606

Reminds me of His Dark Materials… I say, without having read the thing at all and only having skimmed the blurb