Do you think this is egoistical?

If someone contacts a spirit because they need something would you consider it egoistical?
If we assume that such a contact requires time and power, would contacting them for no reason be equally bad?

There is always a reason for taking any form of action, even if that reason isn’t known consciously.

When someone calls a spirit, there is always a reason for it. Desire is what drives humans forward, and nothing is accomplished without it. You cannot call forth a spirit without it, even if that desire is simply to see them.

Your question presupposes that wanting something is automatically driven by ego, and that ego is somehow bad. That is what slave religions like Christianity teach.

The ego is a natural part of the human mind and it is responsible for your sense of self, so essentially anything you do for yourself, from buying nice clothes to donating money to your favourite charity, could be called egotistical.


I totally agree. Desire is necessary, it is imposible to live without it. Humans being are made for desiring things. Desiring things for oneself is human nature. Even when you are giving something to someone you are being egoistical in some way or another. You have to use your desire to achieve what you want for you and others

Remember also to treat the spirit with respect. Don’t take your selfish desires to the other extreme, where you are disrespectul to the spirit and imposing what you want. You should ask them, but they will be pleased to help you


No and no. Contacting a spirit because you need something is fine so long its something you can’t get on your own. As for doing it for no reason, I assume you want to chat, get to know them, and form a relationship. If so, that’s fine too so long as you are respectful.