Do you think some demons lookout for you subtly or without you knowing?

After you establish a good relationship ? I ask this because I was reading about king bael and I’ve seen several say that once he starts working with you or you connect with him that after awhile he defends you pretty fiercely.

Just wondering if there are more spirits that do this or if its more or less something that comes with the territory once you’re really close with one.

Like for example a magician is unknowingly cursed or psychically attacked by an enemy but let’s say the magician works with king vine.

Vine would just slap that shit right back at the caster. Then he would reveal to the magician who his enemy is and tell them that they attempted an attack.

I guess I’m asking which spirits would do this and how far can one go to defend a magician unknowingly?

Kinda makes me think of all the bad Situations I’ve had still turn out really well for me but maybe that it’s just luck. Before I knew anything about the occult obv.


Yeah they do it more often! They take a guardian role alot! I have no idea what entities are guarding me but they got me out of so much shit and am glad for that.


Yeah I’m sure they protect n even act on their own at times to