Do you think people have sold their soul?

So I’m asking because their are musicians I know that were blowing up and musicians I don’t know in interviews saying they were asked to do rituals in exchange for fame and fortune. Some did them and some denied too. Do you think this is a real thing?

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There was a blues musician called Robert Johnson (I think) who was around in the 20s/30s who would always admit having done this.

There was an interview where Bob Dylan insinuates this but it is quite ambiguous.


Afaik Demons like Pacts more.
In exchange they get you as a full servant
after your death.


yes people can sell their souls, it creates a bond on the soul and it is bound to those contract terms be it forever or for a certain amount of time.

I have a friend or tried to sell his soul to the devil for guitar skills. He certainly did learn fast. He says he was drunk and playing in the woods and somehow his hand got cut. Says he doesnt remember much just that there was a lot of blood on the guitar.

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Yeah, no. That’s not how that works. At all.



Did you ever read Franz Bardon’s second volume?
He wrote after a full pact you have to serve in the astral sphere of the entity you pactated with.

@Banjax Of course it’s only temporarily that you become servant of the pactating Demon.

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Actually depending on the terms, if the demon or any entity you sold it to in the terms of the contract state you become a servant after this life is over then you do. How long it is depends on both the person and the entity they sold it to, some are temporary some are permanent.

Why anyone would want to sell their soul is beyond me. I dont think the majority of musicians sell their souls, they get where they are by luck and talent, right place right time kinda stuff. Some may have tried, but I dont think any god/demon would want someone’s soul. Maybe serving in there legion for a period of time, but usually they ask for something more reasonable.

I thought selling your soul means the spirit eats your soul, or dos whatever it wants with it.

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The latter is literally what I just said. When a person or entity sells their soul there’s still a contract. The terms can be whatever they agree on, servitude is just one of a plethora of things that can happen, temporary or permanent, and so on.

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@Banjax @Rungr
The amount of time to be servant in the entity’s sphere is determined by the Saturnian Spirits.
They take care for those karmic case.
This is what Franz Bardon taught.

No it’s not, I dont believe in karma and the time someone is a servant is the time the entity and person agree to.

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The Saturnian Spirits know you enough.
Only for them being existant and remembering it exists Karma for you whether you believe it or not.


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Karma doesn’t exist for anyone who doesnt believe in it, sorry you were taught wrong.

As for the fact I’ve actually experienced soul selling contracts and still do, my experience outweighs what some random guy I don’t care about told you lol.

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The Saturnian Sphere has the function of a court and is really hard reachable.

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This gives me some interesting things to think about but mostly I reside in the same camp as Rungr



“Karma doesn’t exist for anyone who doesn’t believe in it”??

How old are you? Are you still in elementary school? That’s this logic xD likewise:
“If I don’t look at it it can’t see me”.
Karma is something like an unpersonal law.
This isn’t an a la carte restaurant, guy.

The Saturnian Spirits are ‘counting’ your Karma.

Karma is a subjective ideology, maybe if you actually could experience things instead of piggybacking off what another guy wrote you’d know this lol. I had no idea subjective idea that is karma means I’m in elementary school, I guess that means you’re a armchair occultist given you don’t really do much but quote other people’s writing.

But then again, you still lack experience in this subject so sorry that I don’t take your view on it with much weight.