Do you think our actions impact the afterlife?

Just as the title says. Is it divine law, law of attraction, or are our experiences in life independent of what we do in life?

No, unless you’re following a specific pantheon’s divine law and they have laws their followers should follow, otherwise I highly doubt divine law is universal. As for law of attraction I don’t feel that matters in the afterlife, more or so what matters is what you plan to do be it stay in the “spiritual plane” or reincarnate, or whatever else is there to do.


Velenos I have a question.

What would the afterlife look like for a real LHP adept?

I was told ( not sure what’s actually true) that people that reach LHP adepthood no longer have to reincarnate. If this is so what comes after. Carving out a nice astral palace for one self? Being a tourist in the other realms?

I have no idea the answer on this because I don’t have command of AP yet and cannot see for myself.

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question I just thought you’d be better equipped to ask than most. Thx.

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In my opinion no one has to reincarnate, more times than not it’s a choice the person made and simply don’t remember making it.

an LHP person is no different from an RHP person or a person who doesn’t follow either ideals, so their afterlife should be no different, if an LHP person wants to reside in the infernal they should go there and do so, if they want to reside with another pantheon of Gods they should go see if those Gods will allow them to, or if they simply want to do their own thing to the degree they’re capable than they can do so.

If they want to instead of going to the ‘spiritual’ go to the astral/mental than they like anyone else should still be able to where they can carve out a place in the astral and treat it like their home, or their own universe, or even portray themselves as The God within that astral space.

I don’t think it’s a dumb question at all. I notice many LHP have a idea that they have to be LHP to free themselves from reincarnation but many of them don’t know how or why they came here or even tried to figure it out, so they assume they were forced here and only way to be free of it is to follow a “service to self” path.


Thank you your answer makes alot of sense and rings true.

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Well there has to be a differnce between adepts and the average


Well, yes, study what magnum opus is to satanists, its like your lifework. that you then get credit on level of your understanding on afterlife…

like out of blue:? do you believe there is concerts or festivals on afterlife ? should there be ? what you would do to make them possible ?

when you start living under your own name, instead of your “godgiven” social security number and recording all you do, like chemicals, meals, studies etc, you start to realise necesity of advanced civilisations in “other side” too

go to thinktank !

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I think the Adept is going to have more options as he has developed his Astral abilities. That’s my take on it.

The Egyptian afterlife looked very similar to this life for the average person. Take a farmer working with wheat. They believed that the farmer would have a finer grade of wheat to work with in the afterlife. That’s what I read.

It would make sense though that an Adept is going to be way more functional in the astral and thus be able to do what he wants much easier.


What, you think the world divides into “LHP adepts” and “average people”? Lol.

Thinking you need to break free from reincarnating or being pushed into some afterlife scenario without your consent sounds so much like RHP “I want to escape this cruel fake world and reunite with the all” to me.

And why do people think they have to study LHP to be able to choose where they go? People choose where they go all the time, without even noticing it. No need to become an adept imo.

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In my personal view, being adept at magick is just being adept at magick.

Yes, obviously you will make some connections, this will effect your afterlife, for example, being able to go to Folkvangr after making a connection with Freyja. Just speculation and theory on my side.

Enoch and Elijah became archangels Metatron and Sandalphon, Count Saint Germain became an angel, the list could go on and this is the west side of things, in east, you see many stories of immortals from various schools of thought of Taoism. Can’t speak for the other eastern practices but I am sure immortality is a common goal among them as well. Of course these are all legends and myth, who knows how true are they.

A difference between adepts and average is how you view the world, I suppose. Otherwise, we are still bound to toilet needs, and that should speak volumes for itself.

In my belief, given enough time, done enough practice, you ‘can’ change your afterlife. Does this mean normies has no choice? I don’t know, ask the cemetary.


I strongly agree with this statement.

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Well you are actually the one who sounds like more RHP with “everyone is the same” ideology. There has to be a definite difference begween experts and the average people. That is what i said.

Lol idk where you picked me saying adepfs must be LHP

You cannot just downplay adepthood as being just anh other thing

I never said that, nor did I mean that.

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I read the whole conversation, not just your statement. LHP adepthood was discussed and you answered to that, so…

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It’s not so much downplaying it but in this situation adept or not has very little play in this. Let alone being LHP.

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There is an esoteric equivalent of the religious salvation, according to some schools of thought it isn’t a given that the soul will survive to physical death.
An exception is already possible under particular mundane conditions; but “even better” in case of successful initiation.
In this context, indeed, there would be actions e. g. conflicting with afterlife, for example neither lying nor sex are sinful, but in the first case one knows the truth and denies it at the same time, creating an inner division; in the second it’s difficult to reach or maintain the “fluidic state” in all its clarity.

In what way? Like does our actions have an impact what conditions you will find in your own afterlife (as being accepted in one place and denied in another) or whether or not our actions have influence on the realm we call the afterlife before we have actually passed?

If your referring to affecting where we end up, or some sort of punishment (like some people’s ideas of hell) then I personally do not think so. I think where you go in the afterlife is a choice – all the karma stuff/etc sounds more like fear mongering or an attempt to get people to conform to someone’s ideal.