Do you think Meghan Markle used magick?


Hi, so this may be silly but I was just wondering if you think Meghan Markle used magick or law of attraction to marry Prince Harry? I mean I know she said they were introduced by a mutual friend but I still wonder. What do you guys think?




I’d read somewhere it was Harry who was first attracted to her after watching Suits and knew a friend in the film/tv industry and wanted him/her to arrange a meeting to meet her (this might be the now mutual friend). But I doubt magic was used. She’s pretty ambitious, nothing wrong with that, but if she was able to use magic to get the man she wanted I’m damn sure she would have used it to make herself climb up into mainstream prominence in the film/tv world beforehand.


Dont see why that needs to be an assumption. I mean then by the same logic i must assume then that Prince Daniel in Sweden used magic to snare Crownprincess Victoria.
What @OceanLabyrinth said makes perfect sense to me there is no reason why Harry cant have been the one pulling some strings i mean in my mind Meghan is a really attractiv woman and if that was hea reaction and he happend to know a mutual friend then Why not use that as an oppurtunity to meet her.


Also, she had an inside tract into show business because her father was involved in the industry. Many people in show biz (acting, music) are the children, grandchildren of people in the industry.


Generally the elite don’t even see the peasantry as human beings. We’re just pawns to be used and marketed. Now if you suddenly punch a comet that almost destroys a city or can hurl tanks around and watch bombs for lunch then they notice you (not that one would give a flying fuck if you could do all that.


Magick: The Science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.
So yeah, she used it.



Everybody is magic and conforms to the Law of Attraction in the world of duality. There are no exceptions save those that think they are due to a lack of self-knowledge.
However, I doubt she explicitly used rituals or spells to get married to Harry. Rightly said, she is the magic and Harry, on his side, is his magic. Please note: rituals and spells only aid shifts in consciousness / vibration and anyone who has the requisite vibration to experience a certain state will experience it regardless of appearances. A prince can marry or turn into a pauper and vice versa if the vibration changes because they are both illusions.


Are you sure that those who have experiences of being “pawns” don’t have them because they actually believe they are such?
The elite and peasant dichotomy appears valid of course, but, while true in its own right, it’s not the truth.


You are sooo right Keighn! Even the wealthy in local communities have this view.