Do you think Lucifer could be displeased with me?

Hello everyone, first topic. First of all I want to say that I am complete beginner and I’ve been only lurking on here and in the occult in general for quite some time. Still don’t know sh*t about it though and everything is very confusing.

So to my question. Several months ago while I was getting a tattoo that needed to cover up my tribal tat (first tattoo when I was a kid and it was stupid I know) mid session I asked the tattoo guy to put the sigil of Lucifer in there somewhere. It was very spontaneous desire and yet not so much because I’ve been feeling drawn to the occult and particularly Lucifer ever since I turned my back on christianity. Before all I want to say that I absolutely DO NOT regret the sigil on my skin! But did I pushed it a bit too far? For all I know Lucifer may not even know of my existence/doesn’t like me at all/wouldn’t even consider working with me in the future when I’m ready/ect. Could he be mad at me for doing it and if he is would he make sure I know that I shouldn’t have done it? I haven’t noticed anything weird in a bad way happening to me.

Oh and something very strange happened yesterday. I was reading a topic on here and a member was talking about how one should learn how to distinguish if the thoughts in their head are coming from within or from outside and something about asking questions yourself to which you do not know the answer, can’t remember exactly. So I asked myself what is the height of the statue of liberty (don’t know how that came up) and I instantly saw or heard(don’t know how to explain it) the number in my head and when I googled it was absolutely accurate and that amazed me out of my mind because there is no chance I could’ve known this in the first place! LOL!

Sorry if I bored you to death if you actually read any of this. :slight_smile:


I don’t think he would not like you unless you gave him a reason to, I just started a path working with Lucifer and I haven’t been able to bring him to full materialization yet, but he does show up in my. dreams and I can feel him. Just like you I am new to this and barely know anything. But from what Lucifer has told me and from the feeling I get from him, is that he is very loving and will most likely want to help you with anything, unless you give him a reason not to.


Pushed it a bit too far? What do you mean?

Why do you think that Lucifer would be mad at you for that? There’s no reason for him to get mad at you for getting his sigil on you skin. He’s a very understanding God and he doesn’t get mad without any reason.

You’re worried over nothing, dude.


I don’t think Lucifer sees this sort of thing as disrespectful. If anything you were honouring him and putting out there your interest in connecting, starting to build the magik, it’s cool.


I dont get why you think he’d be annoyed lmao.

He’s not some highschool girl that will be upset you bc got a crappy version of her face on your body.

He may be aware of you depending on if you think about him a lot.

Chill out man.

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TheGreyGuy, I don’t know man haha I guess I’m just worried how he would view this maybe I’m not a good person for him and he wouldn’t want his sigil on me…

Thank you guys for your replies. And because I don’t want to open another topic I have one more question. How do I start opening myself to the occult most of you guys and girls seem pretty advanced, you’re summoning, seeing, hearing ect. I couldn’t find any info on how to start from zero experience. Do I get started by meditating everyday for short time and gradually increasing over time? How is it done?


I believe that everything’s good. Especially as a beginner friendly spirit, I really think it’s okay!


As I stated previously, Lucifer is a very understanding God and he doesn’t get mad without a solid reason.

You should start with meditating, then gradually learn how to banish , how to open sigils, how to evoke, etc. But first you need to get your fears out of your system, Lucifer is not like what you read about him in books like Quran and Bible. Fuck Bible and Quran! They are bullshit!
I also wanna tell you that Lucifer is older that Islam and Christianity.
You should use the search feature (magnifying glass) on the the top right corner. There’s lots of information for newbies.


I’m pretty new too, I have just been looking up videos and reading all that I can on here. Eventually you just sort of pick up on bits and pieces. I have barely opened my third eye and I can barely hear Lucifer when I ask him to be with me during my meditations and evocations. I have done very minimal evocations though. Just a drawn sigil and me either sitting on my bed or the floor. I can’t see though, which makes me sad, but it is just figuring it out for yourself, and what works for you. As EA once said “this is your magick, and this world is (as magicians) our playgrounds.” I suggest that you find an entity that you feel drawn to and learn as much as you can about them, draw their sigil and meditate over it and if you feel comfortable enough to evoke them and possibly invocate them too.

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