Do you think it's possible to do everything via Technology?

I live in a home that denies a lot of personal space and control, yet I want to continue practicing and learning things about myself and the spiritual side of things. So, I’m curious- is it possible to do everything that requires speech or items electronically? Such as using images, links, and writing things out instead of saying them? Could you gain energy through the technology you’re using? What would the limitations of this be exactly? Are digital witches a thing? x3


You can think a lot of the incantations and chants, sigils can be digital, you are better off taking it from the earth with cool grounding methods.

Lots of ways you can get energy, but usually you don’t need to?

Do people not use the elements for energy for their spells? Why would they not need to?

I mean, USUALLY, it’s not needed for stuff like evocation.

Listen, if you can’t whisper words in your room or hide pieces of paper, I dunno what to tell you. Keep in mind that magick hardly needs any tools in the long run and most tools can be replaced.

I’m not asking about Evocation specifically. I’m asking about what is and isn’t possible with magick being applied in a technology-based way.

Vocally saying chants and things is just a helper for your intent. Your mind is what is more important. You can still get results from mentally saying your incantations and other things. And yes you can use things from the internet. I use the elements often but still its simply a personal preference. I dont use a lot of tools really. Plus you can use mundane things for tools, i used a butterknife as an athame before lol


Considering magick is all mental, for the most part, technically nothing is needed. Of course, you need it. Your tech should be enough, but I wouldn’t draw energy from it.

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Dude, I was taught in school that evertyhing that humans make or manipulate is technology, thus any regular ritual tool is techonology too

You could draw out sigils on your phone/computer and keep them saved for when you need em too

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Thank you. Just to clarify, theoretically speaking, anyone could cast a spell through the written word on a computer with digital imagery and have it be just as effective as someone of the same experience level/type speaking out the words with physical tools?

I never thought of it that way.
That’s a really interesting concept, thank you so much for responding. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its definitley possible. Because thats like another tool right there that helps get your intent from your mind to the universe

I’m so thankful to hear this.
I thought I was a lost cause for sure. ^^;

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The struggle is real lol. I live with my parents and they wouldnt be happy if they knew i was doing magic

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Yeah no kidding. I don’t have my own room nor a private space to go to, so having something private on my phone or on a PC is the best that I can possibly do right now. Eventually I’ll be able to use tools and even build up a personal altar but that doesn’t help me cast now and I want as much experience as I can get! x3

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It’s your mind that matters, not the physical part. The physical aspects of ritual to help focus and help the mind ground the energy into physical reality, as such, digital images can help the focus part… not so much the grounding part.

If you look at shamanic journeying, that happens entirely in the subtle realms. You can build an astral temple in the subtle realms, and visualise doing an entire physical ritual there.

What would you suggest for the latter?

Intention. Have a very strong will and strong visualisation. Like Deathcrush said above.

Hey, err, I actually do a lot of shamanic work, but I was sort of stunted from any knowledge because I may or may not have pissed off Lady Eva. I’m stuck, lost. Dunno where to go from here, but for the most part I’m perfectly safe in my shamanic world, no matter the level, can go on a journey very easily and I have a good idea of where everything is. I even have my own little pocket dimension there.

What do I do from here? I can’t just leave this path unfinished. Can I go to yesod from there?

Depending on your objective, sound vibrations have no substitute mentally. But they can’t be duplicated electronically.