Do you see it?

This is a photo of the tree line on my parent’s yard. I had to go there tonight and took the opportunity to take some shots of the area I most frequently feel this presence at and could feel it very strongly tonight. I have no clue who or what this spirit is, but I do feel a little uneasy towards it despite not being a person who scares easily. I can always “see” this thing lurking around in the treeline…it rarely comes into the yard but has before. I’ve “seen” it since I was little, and by that, I don’t mean that I physically see it like I would see a person, but I’ve always gotten this mental picture of it which is always similar…I won’t describe it just yet because I’d like to see if anyone else sees it the same way…I’m not sure if this is the spirit projecting these images to me or something else. Also, at times I’ll “see” it like this, but running at me, sometimes in another form suddenly. So, without rambling on anymore, what do you guys see?


I’m not sure if this is the same thing I get, but I feel it often in forests at night…it’s a hostile presence that is of the Earth. It never attacks, but it doesn’t want humans near it’s space. I can sense them around at lot when camping as long as there is a goodly amount of dense, mature woodlands around.

I take this to be a manifestation of the forest’s guardian fae. Hence the uneasiness - they just want people to stay in people areas ‘where they belong’ and that feeling of being unwelcome comes across. There is certainly a decent amount of negative glamour/projection happening.

I’ve never seen it come out though, it’s a thing I can feel watching from a few meters into the treeline.


This seems like a pretty plausible explanation. It does tend to intensify a lot more at night, and they have like a thousand acres, a lot of which is wooded, so there’s definitely dense forest there.
Are there different types or groups of fae? Asking because I had an experience when I was younger, like a lucid dream/astral type of experience as a kid where I accessed a portal in my yard and entered their realm if that makes any sense, and they were really friendly at the time, even welcoming me to come back. That couldn’t be the same fae could it?

This one doesn’t physically manifest but projects images in your mind, at least if your senses are developed enough. My dad and sister are about as psychic/sensitive as a brick, but my mom and several of my friends have felt it. The one friend I have who also practiced magick and who had developed enough senses saw it as someone with their arms and legs bent backwards to do like this disfigured crab walk. I tend to see it as a hooded figure with bloody holes for eyes and jagged teeth, definitely intended to make people uncomfortable. When it charges at me though. It will typically take the form of a wolf.

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I recall feeling it as a kid, when I went for a walk in the woods. Later as a teenager, I needed it, the sheer terror of it freed me from the difficulties of dealing with humanity for a brief while. Then the area around where I lived was developed, and lets just say this is a story that did not end well for me.

Do you ever get the sense that the entity emerges like the heat signature over a hot surface in the semi watery mirage of heat rising?
You ever see those distortions?

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Not with eyes but using palm over pic nit a long time. But 1. Red and black
2. Same masculine
3 non malevolent

You are most likely sensing its glamour. Because it is inherently not bad, did not see with eyes - I’m using a new technique- but feeling with palm over screen. Energy is strong territorial but not bad.

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That is incredible creepy and i love it😂. Almost nothing scares me, but being lost in a dark forest is probably one of the few things that would.

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There is small possibility … There are thousands types of faeries… Your experience which you wrote there (lucid dream) was with Seelies (Faries of the Sun court) they are human friendly.
Faries who are human haters are Unseelies ( Fairies of the Moon court) , so if you think fairies are behind it, Unseelies are the main lead for you. But not every Unseelie is bad, if they start to trust you they are awesome, i am working with one Unseelie guy and he is iconic, but still i need to work more because he is still not sure about me :joy:


That makes a lot of sense…it doesn’t actually attack…it just likes to creep people out, like I’ve never seen it actually touch or hurt anyone. It just makes people uneasy until they went to leave.

I see it a red and black too by the way.

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Ah cool…(a resonance I am liking this new diving technique).
To me a being of forest requires respect make an offering of organic unprocessed but neatly sign freshly prepared -raw. Off copper & silver coins. No fake ones.
Just a feeling

Oh man…I think the lil assholes actually took my necklace out of my bag. It was there earlier in the day. I was running late so I zipped it up in a side pocket inside my purse, also tied up in a pouch with other stones, and it’s untied now and that one is missing. Luckily the girl at the shop nearest to me is a real one. She gave me two new ones for free.


There is something hanging around that tree. Don’t know what for certain but that is where I sense something. I agree with Maulbeere that it is most likely fea.


That’s exactly where I sense it as well.

Clapham Wood.


This reminds me vaguely of a spot back home in MA. You just feel so… like there’s something there watching you and it’s hostile. I remember once during a full moon I was walking through a trail in that area and it led behind the high school. In a swampy spot, I started feeling the urge to panic, looked around and saw two red eyes staring at me from behind the tall grass. It was eerie as hell. Haven’t been back there at night in the years since then.

Those pics are pretty great though. Forests are awe inspiring, both in creepiness and beauty.

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