Do you really believe that Lucifer or Satan exists?

Do you really believe that Lucifer or Satan exists?
And if you believe, what would be the reason?
What was the factor that made you believe?

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I believe they are because i am. I believe in angels so in demons too.


Lucifer does exist (I’ve met with him) but Satan is more of a title shared with numerous demons than a person.


Uh, just scroll around this forum you’ll see quite a few threads of people who interact with the spirits. I personally have only managed to summon A spirit once and I must not have been ready for it because it damn near knocked me out. Very intense. But it did do what I asked it to do. But, I have also Called on other spirit forms to aid me and clients and though they didn’t appear during my rituals, things worked out just fine.
Bune showed up in my dream before.
And Amon just recently projected me to ancient Egypt even though I didn’t call to him or do any rituals, and I rarely ever work with “shaitans” spirits.


Maybe they exist as egregore…

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