Do you prefer realism or optimism in magick?

I got the idea after a friend told me that honesty is good for your magick. However, I think we shouldn’t limit ourselves when designing our intended results. So, to elaborate on my question: which intent do you think is more effective, to have the best possible results or the best results?


Personally I prefer realism, because it gives me a pretty good idea about the current possibilities at hand that I can use as the path of the least resistance. If I want it fast, I go the realistic option route. The more my possibilities come down to fewer but more likely outcomes, the better I can focus on the movements/signs/syncs within my work. If I would go for optimism alone, my energy would probably take a pretty unfocused and scatter-ish path and I would probably check far too often into “Is something happening?” :smiley: I don’t do that with my usual approach.

If I have time on my hands and nothing much hangs on the outcome I get a bit more experimental and dare to include straightout outrageous or seemingly impossible scenarios into the way of my craft.


Thanks for adding to this discussion.

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I think it pretty much depends on your Goals.

For example I have minor goals that are only a step or a brick to a higher bigger goal , in so doing I am taking a realistic approach. This is most of the time.

I do have some big more complicated Goals which far exceed myself and my current odds, seeing this realistically. Big goals require consistent small steps.

I believe no one manifested a super yacht from a single spell alone, and even king Solomon did not built his temple from a simple demon or evocation (although his approached are not recommended, this is a mere example)

Even though I have a pretty clear image of the life I want and impose it every day(optimism), even tho I am given bricks by magical I aslo have to place them.


I agree with both you and Pariah.


I typically just like to go in and say “I desire this” or “This has to be done.”

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To get what I want regardless of what reality has to say about it. Reality does what I want it to or I will force it to conform to my will with either built up work and technique or brute force and overwhelming power if needed. I don’t acknowledge so called limitations that others do or even the laws of physics I work my magick and my will and my imagination is law that only needs to be stronger than all other laws that try to place themselves in my way. The stronger dream wins out. The mindset can give you results you never consider just by the fact they would be impossible if you tried to stay realistic or even optimistic.


As Eldred_Darkthorn said Brute Force if you must, unscrupulous ways to get what you want. Either reality or optimism, if I want it, I’ll bring it, that is our physical energy bringing it form the spiritual world to our physical being.

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It also depends on the work I do for me, like some said before.
If it’s a “simpler” more “low magick” type of work, like baneful rituals or attracting material things, situations or people. like realism more.
Indeed it gives me some parameters in which to operate and allows me to be a little more tactical and creative.

If it’s greater or more personal and darker “high magick” kind of work. I like to lean on the more positive and fantastical visualisation for the outcome.
It feels like adding that energy is more fitting and the type of work usually doesn’t really have you waiting, wanting and watching for the outcome anyway.

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