Do you pick the spirit that you work with or does it pick you

how do you know what spirit to start working with (im a beginner so please take that into consideration)

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I was mainly picked, right from my LHP beginning. I was feeling the pull towards the LHP, but never made the leap. Hecate saw to that. She suggested I also contact Leviathan. Belial came/barged in on his own. Lucifer showed up the first time at work. And so on.

I didn’t have any particular need to contact any specific Deity, so this may have tilted it towards them contacting me.

Ok, i’m guessing its a matter of patience then for me because i would like to work with Lucifer but as of right now that is not working so i am looking for any other spirits that would be willing to work with me

How do you know it’s not working? There is a simplified evocation guide floating around. Search for it and see if it helps.

I have always worked with demons who presented themselves to me, without me having summoned or searched for them.
Look for demons that can help you with the goals or desires you want to accomplish, then when they see that you are interested they will come to you.

Ok thank you :slight_smile:

I found it and i bookmarked it to help me in the future after reading it i think it might help

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The way I think about it is that you “set the course” of where you want to go, and then the spirits that can help you get there will make themselves known to you. It also depends on what magick you are working with. If you’re working with Lucifer a good deal, then demons within his legion will come to you when their powers could most effectively work for you. If you’re working with the Goetia, then one of these demons will come to you, or if you’re working with Shem angels, then one of them will come.

It’s a little complicated, but really both of these ideas are correct in their own way. You choose what you want to manifest and you choose the magickal system to work with, but then you will receive guidance from the spirits you are connected to at the time.


Pretty much. I’ve felt lead to a few but most just show up while I’m planning still, or otherwise draw attention to themselves


I choose who to work with. No spirit has ever chosen me.


You just decide and test the waters. it’s the most unbiased way of working with entities, let what happens happen. You have an interest/curiosity then reach out to the entities and see how you like it. That’s how I worked with infernal demons, judeo angels, angels of Ma’at, Yokai, abyssal demons, Tesheru, among many other races of entities, it’s also how I got to spar certain deities.

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I’m my experience it’s both. Something may reach out to you but you can also decline that invitation. Vice versa.