Do you notice any difference?

do you notice any difference in the power of results when evocation is done with a visible manifestation of the spirit, and when the evocation is performed but the spirit does not visibly materialize although you can sense the presence?

I get great results with the latter. I can get the spirit to show up( i feel its presence), but i can’t see it or hear it. All my rituals are super successful.
I just want to know whether the visual manifestation of the spirit will improve results.
I don’t think so right? because if the spirit is there and is summoned, it should be able to hear what is the task you have given it, regardless of the spirit being manifested visibly or not, right?

You asked a question then answered it correctly your self. The benefit of being able to hear and see the entity you work with is ultimately for self assurance… Well when it comes to giving tasks and not requiring info