Do you know what I hate

When you create a program for using it in order to begin your journey,then a new source manifeste in your reality and made you wandering should you use this new source or the previouse one,because both of them seems powerful and effective.that leads you to doupt and lose motivation and start thinking instead of practicing.holy fuuck :joy:!!
For example,I have planned to start using spiritual warfare program for satanists(6 months)for basic skills then using OAA discourses and Ahrimanic pathworking;suddenly initiation into hermetics popped in my way and that made me asking which basic program should I use .spiritual warfare training program for satanists vs initiation into hermetics program.

Have you suffer from this problem in the past as well?how did you solve it ?


What is the Spiritual Warfare for Satanists? It sounds like a title of a book by Texx Mars.


I think he’s talking about the beginners book by Black witch S, I thumb ed through it, was a good refresher on a lot of things.

and I think a lot of people starting have that issue, there’s a ton of pathworkings to get started, the key is read through them, some are complimentary to each other and can be studied more or less at the same time. out side of that the only real way to solve it is self-discipline and know that you can always go back to the other stuff once you’re done with the current working :slight_smile:


I found out that the two directions I felt myself being pulled in we’re actually one and the same. Just aren’t considered or presented to be. But are.

You might find that the options you are weighing might be complimentary enough to combine in a way.

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Yeah, this seems to be my main issue too. Your advice is spot-on.

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