Do you know something Tarantulas & Bats in magic?

Hey there,
since a few days I’m wondering about what could be done in magic with tarantulas and bats, I didn’t find so much relevant content yet. Do you guys know something about that ?
I can’t give you a lead or a goal I want to get with these items, my questions are not specific. It’s more about turning the pages of my handbook and get to the “Bats & Tarantulas in witchcraft” Chapter : I want to know everything you got on the subject :stuck_out_tongue:
I know 1 or 2 things I got from internet, I’ll update the post if you’re interested to know.

Tarantulas : What could be done with web / hairs / venom / molted skin ?
Bats : what could be done with a living one, or a dead one, a corpse, blood, teeth, bones, wings … whatever, do you know something about that ?
Do you have tricks to manipulate the dead bat with caution regarding the diseases they carry?

I’ve asked on several groups and it’s NEVER relevant and almost always insulting, no matter how I’m asking and with what precisions. People just can’t handle the fact they can’t answer, but they’re answering anyway, and with arrogance or “you know nothing john snow” if possible !
One person answered me something which actually answered what I asked. I’ll copy-past his comment if you’re interested in the subject too :slight_smile:

So I thought this forum is the only place I can hope to get people who answer because they’re interested and curious about the questions too, or because they actually have an answer to bring. Let’s just stick to the subject please :slight_smile:

Look up Shamanism and spirit animals, the Spider & Bat! should help get you started.


In EA’s live Azazel evocation he throws “bats blood oil” into his cauldron and his own blood, and squeezes blood out of a tiny heart of some kind