Do you "just" need to practice throat chakra for communication?

I understand you need throat chakra for communication.

Now I’m thinking, I need to practice all the chakras before the throat chakra AND the throat chakra ?

There are different schools of thought: either it is necessary to concentrate on one chakra, or to have balance across all of them (that is, at least the main ones). Once again, either start at bottom so that the practicioner doesn’t risk self delusion by skipping even only 1 chakra; or start at top because, in this way, the pure energy of the highest chakras will descend and in any case they kinda synthetize those below.
But I digressed, anyway you may try working on all of them (concentrate on the chakra’s location, visualize a bright blossoming flower, vibrate its bija mantra…) top-bottom, then bottom-top.



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You don’t need the throat chakra for communication, you don’t need to practice all your chakras for anything. You need to let go of worrying about the chakras and work on your energy, your senses, work on your path from the foundation and up.

Your chakras and the likes improve as you improve, you don’t need to focus on them, you waste time when you do that.

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What do you mean by senses?

As in literal physical senses or?

clairvoyant abilities


Ok, thanks

so have your abilitys improved with little charkara work

The chakras improve as you improve, chakra work is not necessary, you improve your abilities by doing practices associated with them, want to feel energy work on energy manipulation, want to see, hear, etc work on your clairs, your chakras will follow your improvement and overall energy system improves.

Then why do we do charkar work exercises? Right now im working on the small centers for hearing and seeing

Because people associate hearing, speaking, seeing, smelling to various chakras like they assume seeing spirits is related to the 3rd eye but it’s not, the 7 major chakras are useless if the minors and the entirety of the energy body isn’t properly worked out.

which is why when you do energy work, learn to scan, etc you’re improving your overall energy system and your chakras are part of that system so they by default will improve, focusing on each chakra at a time wastes more time, especially if you dont take the time to learn inner and outer awareness, inner awareness teaches you about your energy body specifically as not everyone’s energy body matches the one they find on google.

Not really. Actually the heart chakra is the most important for communication. You want surely trustful friendships, constructive contacts, the right sexual encounters… A powerful communication is made with heart. Empathy is the most powerful tool to create and mantain all kind of relationships.

Working with the throat chakra will improove the pitch and beauty of the voice and its resonance but will not Sound true or more trustworthy without the heart chakra.

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