Do you hear ringing in your ears when a curse is being placed on you

Before I was cursed or possessed I heard 3 rings in my ears one after another before somthing horrible jumped into my chast and stayed there for months. Horrific nightmares and voices soon followed and lasted for months… Does anyone have any ideas on what this could have been?.

Dont know but intrigued. They were 3 distinct rings, each with a beginning and ending? Did they sound like bells or like the ringing of tinnitus?

Just normal riiiinnngg riiinnnngggg rinnnngggg . yes beginning and an ending

Actually, this sounds completely off the wall but I was getting “Did the door bell ring, I swear that door bell rang” type of problems very early one when I developed an autoimmune condition and at that time I would never have considered this as a possibility.

This was when I was being bullied by my line manager at work, don’t think she’s a magickian simply an energy vampire and nasty piece of work who can focus her vitriol and hatred at people.

It’s strange how since getting into regular energy work and ritual with President Marbas the autoimmune condition has been ameliorated. No possession or nightmares, simply chronic ill health, extreme pain, chemo and medication as well as having to leave her department and workplace.

Maybe time to send her some rope and a ladder…

Thank you for this lightbulb moment.

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That’s interesting,
When something bad happens to me, 9 times out of 10 I’ll have my ears ring, it’s the same ringing I hear during aum meditating and when I focus o.k. Hearing an entity during any kind of communication.

I chop it up to two things. A higher self or the intuition using the physical body to get a message across. Or a physiological effect of an energy change around you, for either good our bad

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Have you tried filling your Aura and body, and chakras with white/gold light ? At least, when this event happens, doing it might be enough to drive anything negative out. It is said that “white light reflects everything.” and “you want to be left alone, envelop yourself in white light.” (Joy of Satan e book).