Do you guys know of any sigils that look like Lucifers?

So I was meditating on my Third eye to help stimulate my clairvoyance (almost daily routine)
And Shortly I saw my own third eye in my mind’s eye for the first time (God it looked fucking cool like a galaxy and an eyeball combined) but then it went black and I saw what appeared to be Lucifers sigil with another sigil to the top left of it like if their part of something.

What is it? It kinda looks like the sigil from that one book from Somnus Dreadwood. (The sigil on the cover)

Can’t tell from the discription. Can you draw it?

The Sigil looks exactly like the pentagram in the center of the book and it was right next to Lucifers Sigil

Which one? there are 3 in the big circle there. :thinking:

The one that looks like a pentagram but is broken with a trident looking thing piercing it from the side