Do you get severely affected by energy of natural disasters, etc?

Hi everyone, I figure this site would be a good place to ask. Do any of you get energetically, emotionally, even physically affected by energy changes on the planet by natural disasters, bombs, terrorist attacks, etc? Often times, before the actual event?

It happens to me all of the time. I am in Australia, however, I can feel the full energy of the hurricanes in the US. I felt the energy of NK’s hydrogen bomb test hours before it happened. I feel earthquakes hours before they happen. Have also felt past terrorist attacks, etc.

It is debilitating at times, feel physically sick, have horrible sleep, feel dazed, aches and pains, mental and emotional fatigue…

No I do not. When 9/11 happened I was completely 100% Non-Emotional. Some people around me could not figure out why I was not crying. I think there are different ways to how you are Psychically/Spiritually and Magickally attuned to this world that affects this. People that are more in tune with the Earth may feel this. Some people that have larger amounts of Personal Power maybe more likely insulated from Global Surrounding Power, but may be able to somehow process it in controlled ways. I think it entirely depends on your makeup.

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Idk but I don’t really feel like it affects me much I just see it as it is and be like " okay what can I do about it…ect".

I have visions before natural disasters and major events and feel a terrible sense of dread. Then it actually happens and i have the same feeling. The feeling is usually a confirmation that what i saw happen has happened. I used to turn on the news when i would feel it but now i dont so im not exposing myself to it.

Yeah im very attuned to the earth. I needed to distance myself a little to save myself a lot of pain. I found it just came naturally with daily rituals.


Do you have anything for the San Andreas or Cascadia Earthquake fault lines? I saw the movie San Andreas. Excellent song on the ending credits “California Dreamin” from the Mama’s and Papa’s but sung by Sia.

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I’ll think about that. I’m terrible with geography. I dont always get that specific with cities and areas. I’ll look in my diary.