Do you ever


have times where you completely loose your spiritual motivation?? Just curious…


Yes. You get over it lol


The magicians cycle is extremely common. Just about everyone I know goes through stages of intense work followed by a break. But the breaks get shorter and shorter as things go on.
I find the trick is to keep up your daily practice of meditation and rituals etc, but embrace your lack of motivation for reading/evocation/what ever and actually do something else that interests you rather than half arsed doing things, wasting time and then feeling shit about the whole affair.


I recently came off a 3-week break. I think I still performed one ritual and some meditations but I couldn’t keep up with my daily practice routine as I was overseas. With that said, getting back into it now I’ve noticed that the time-off has improved my awareness and appreciation of the more subtle processes, such as those involved in engaging and holding the theta-gamma sync.


Thanks for the responces everyone


Absolutely, especially after performing a long term project. I recently took off about two months after performing multiple spells a week for one working that lasted from July to November. I didn’t get the outcome I had worked for and felt drained. The working was extrememly important to me and I was devastated by the outcome. I didn’t lose my desire to perform magick I just recognized I was burnt out and needed to clear my head.

I used the time off to focus on building skills and and gathering supplies so that when I did return I was better prepared. I also took the time to better understand how I impaired the work myself and took the time to work through my own problems and overcome them.

E.A.'s works were instrumental in helping me get refocused and recognizing where I went wrong and how to remedy it. Becoming unattached to the results and putting my trust and knowing that what I put into motion will manifest results was essential for me to get back to work.