Do You Ever Want To Grow Wheels On Your Tail, And Then Have Butterflies Deliver Yummy Hnarfbax?


Funny how humans never crave a thing we never knew, don’t need, and - most of all - cannot have, huh?

What do we crave, though, as humans? :thinking:

Food for thought, not a “Lady_Eva does post that helps me fix my shit” :crazy_face: - just food for thought.

Enjoy your day. :pray:


Did you just assume my craving preferences? :stuck_out_tongue:



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I was told there would be delicious hnarfbax.



My head is thoroughly spinning :slight_smile: What is Hnarfbax?


Im sooo confused what the fuck is Hnarfbax

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All it takes is just one person to break that pattern.

Evolution. Stagnation is suicide.

Good day to you, too :sunflower:

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If you have to ask, you’ll never know. :pensive:

LOL LOL But if I don’t ask I’ll never know. Well I’m not going to obsess over it, If I never had it and I don’t know what it is then its not important for now. To be continued…

For a moment I thought you’d had a stroke @Lady_Eva. :joy:


Lol, now I am going to end up offering 8-9 hours on my screen to the great god Sergio Romero…

And some cousin of that flowering tree is about to bloom in my back yard. Dogwood, though.

What do we crave as humans? I don’t know, I have not been feeling very human lately and I can only speak for myself. But lately I know I have been craving beauty and the link it has with expression.

The flowers blooming are reminding me, in a bittersweet way, of me.

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