Do You Ever Share Familiars?

When a spirit recommends familiars, or you come accross them however you do, do you find that it is okay to share them with other magicians or is it usually expected to be held with the most strict privacy?

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If a spirit gifts you a familiar, then that familiar is only for you. A spirit given familiar is most often a member of that spirit’s legion, and is “assigned” to aid you for a certain duration.

Another magician can create a familiar for you but, again, the spirit is assigned to only you.

A familiar is not something to be shared. It is a personal spirit.


That is generally what I have found myself. I was a bit curious about what others had experinced.
Many seem very secretive, I do almost wonder if it’s just me or am I getting a bit over paranoid at times?

What about if a spirit comes to you and tells you its name, is that usually private?

I just came across this angel that seems really creepy and a bit off, I’m not too sure what to think. lol

I almost want to say the name and ask what people think, but I dunno, I’m being a bit precautious.

Unless the spirit asks you not to share it’s name, then it’s usually fine.


Okay I think I am sort of getting how this works. I had been dealing with a string of secrecy for so long I was unsure if I was being overly paranoid, the name was Natriel. Which sort of sounds fake ‘Natriel’
get it? Not real? But seriously it was no joke, he sounded really creepy and really threatening.
I dunno have you ever had uninvited demons attack? It was sort of like that, not the attack itself, but it felt like that moment they circle around you looking for an opening, finding an area of guilt or fear that they can exploit to get you to allow you to let them in to a greater degree to really freak you out. I forgot about some strange and mysterious sigils that were left opened for a long time.

Will not overly strange but more mysterious as to how they ended up in my house and were left open for so long without us noticing. Anyways I had the sigils in my purse as I wanted to show some one and ask what they thought about my strange story. I took the sigil out of my purse and put it in this binder and said let us consider these sigils for the time being to be closed.

This seems like since doing this the creepy feelings have now died down.

I know this is much different twist than the thread originally started but is there a way to make sure the sigils are closed without lighting them on fire?

I’ve been wondering that now for a while.

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