Do you ever have to change your meditation due to one meditation method not being effective anymore?

So I am wondering if the reason my meditation. I used to do is not effective anymore is because I’ve changed and that meditation no longer works for me

Is could also be that’s it’s still effective, but as your system has expanded and adpated, the sensations aren’t as strong.

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Ok thanks

I have been wanting to know if that’s why my meditation hasn’t been effective. I’ve been trying a new method. And that method involves my body becoming heavy and numb.

What does ‘effective’ mean to you? Have you lost sensitivity?

Effective means making progress in opening my third eye.

I used to do a silent my mind meditation and that was powerful for sometime. But it stopped being powerful and it became a very weak way to open my third eye. It lost its effectiveness. And doesn’t work anymore it was very relaxing tho but didn’t make my body and numb heavy. It did sometimes only when I did it for a long period of time

Your thirst eye is already open - this is more of a metaphor to mean develop your sensitivity.

So by powerful you mean it doesn’t give you sensations during meditation? I think his is fine and means you’re developing your system well. The proof of the pudding is whether you have developed clairsenses, not whether the energy is too much for your body to handle and makes it shake. It’s good that you are handling it better.

Try Robert Bruce’s books for developing further, it doesn’t hurt to switch it up if you feel like it, but you don’t need to.

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