Do you ever get the sensation of being pulled towards the earth?

Does anyone else get a sensation of being pulled like a strong magnet by something underneath your feet? I realised I get this very strong when meditating but even if I’m just lying in bed reading I can sense it. I just realised it’s since I began trying magick and in middle pillar the sphere at my feet feels very much stronger than the others

That’s just gravity.


Haha yeah no this feels different :joy: I mean I’m lying down when meditating so technically all of me should be pulled by gravity

Idk this is like a buzzing magnet pull on my feet

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It could be you grounding, I only get that feeling when grounding or centering myself kind of thing.

Yeah that’s what I first referred to it as to myself then realised I feel it so strong so much atm like wearing big very heavy moon boots or something that buzz. Odd lol

I only got that feeling when I went to church and prayed

Most practitioners of magick have a strong connection to the earth due to it’s abundance of energy, so when enacting your abilities your energy is reacting with the earth’s, creating that pulling sensation.

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