Do you ever admit to being on the LHP to others?


Oh dear. I can empathise completely. Stick with your own mind and own beliefs. People are conditioned since birth in many ways,not just religion and it is pretty deeply hardwired and can’t be undone in some folks.


My family does not know the specifics, I am selective about who I tell. For the world, I do not give a fuck. If it would endanger a situation regarding who knows, if it gives me long-term negative consequences (such as losing a house for example) I find it is better they do not know, but otherwise I just say what I am.


It’s not all that often I admit being LHP to others unless in a conversation where the topic is on a subject that could lead to introducing myself as such. I’ve had mostly positive interactions when doing so. Even recently when a newer friend and I had a talk about the historic record showing flaws in many organized religions I ended up pulling my pentagram necklace up above my shirt and remarked “well I guess it’s no longer a secret why I don’t mesh with organized fear and control tactics aka religions… lol” and the interaction went great and was well taken by newest friend who didn’t know my stance on such matters or belief.

As for family, most know that I’m not conventional and into metaphysics and new age views, however it’s unknown to them I’ve taken to the level that I’m at now, which is Left hand path / spiritual Satanist / Luciferian.

I’d love to have a woman in my life who has given her heart and mind over to Lucifer. With that being so, it would nearly guarantee compatibility in so many other areas as well. I think anyone here can readily know what I mean by that.

Anyhow much of it is all in how one presents themselves and in what context.


Lmao that’s the best answer I’ve heard.


I come from a very dysfunctional Christian family who could only just handle when I was RHP. If I thought it wouldn’t absolutely destroy my mother because she’d fear for my soul, I’d be open about it. Can care less what the rest of them think. Their homes filled with religious items, arguing, hate and regret. My home, is mostly peaceful. I find that very interesting.


Jehovah’s Witnesses have knocked on my door wanting to read the Bible and convert me. I listened politely for a minute and than closed the door. They never returned. Would i admit to the lhp or rhp to someone who knocked on my door or anyone else. Probably not. What i do and what I practice is my business and no one else’s.


I just identify as Pagan. In case somebody is pushing to know more, it depends on the motives. If people are genuinely curious and interested, I’ll tell them some basics. If I know they’re just asking to convert me, I sometimes get a kick out of fucking with them. :wink:


I’ve posted here before stating catagorically that I don’t really care what people think of my religious persuasion, however, i put my money where my mouth is recently and im still giggling about it lol I was reading The Lesser Key of Soloman and I’d put it on the table to answer the door, it was a woman who lives on my estate, it was the 3rd visit from her In 4 days, She came in and I made her a drink and when I came into the lounge she’d picked up the book and looked a bit blank, I told her what it was and why I’m reading it lol let’s just say it’s a wonder she didn’t have 3rd degree burns in her mouth lol I’ve never seen anyone shift so quick in all my life and she’s not been round since Pmsl! Perfect! It was almost as funny as the look on my daughters teachers face (and the nervous laugh that followed) when she told her she was going to the Halloween party as a Satanist! Priceless! Pmsl!

On a serious note it does make me laugh just how stupid people are and how little they understand! However, it does prove my point on people always fear what they don’t understand. It’s a real shame as if they tried they might be enlightened even if it’s not their cup of tea! Lol!


People try to see what they want to see. I was in court and the judge called us into chambers. I was wearing my Lilith Pendant (not the one from the Burney Relief). Judge looked at my pendant and said, Oh I like your Guardian Angel. I had a really hard time to keep a straight face. :joy:



Great reference to Royston Vasey.
My advice is to have well planned Toxic Magick fun. Exploit their paradigms. Help the sheeple to destroy themselves whilst laughing your head off.



Thanks Al.
I have learnt all kinds of things since joining this forum and have made a real impact.
I love Magic even more leaving this year than I did at the beginning of it.
All the best. x


I walked in to a bar the other day and the girl that served me had the smallest tattoo of the cresent moon and i asked if she was practicing and she said "of course " and its’ the first time ever in the UK I have come across someone on the same path it was a very warm feeling that you are not alone, it is a very solitary vocation otherwise and apart from BALG and a couple of other sites it would be very lonely so Thanks to E A and co you are doing a fantastic job


Well since I don’t have an Alter I often use my Watsapp to post images and honor the Spirits I work with. This seriously pissed off one of the people at my college and also makes someone else think that “I’m as annoying as a Christian”. Needless to say, I don’t care.

In general I won’t be so open well besides to friends and family and this is because I’ve seen quite a few cases in my country where people are still being killed for practicing Witchcraft. That being said I really dislike it when people still classify me by my old religon, I’m a Magician. That’s it.


well done! lol. No one should knock on your door and try to come into your house at 8:30am to talk about religion.


Side comment: I watched Apocalypse and it was pretty interesting, but I disliked the ending… I hoped that Langdon was going to REALLY bring the end of this world, lol. But maybe they did it on purpose so that they can continue the story, which would be great :smirk:


lovely!!! :joy:


I was raised as a JW. Horror story, lol. I left the organization as a teen and dragged my family too, thankfully. However, the afterefects of their brainwashing remain in a lot of ex believers. I would never be able to have a conversation with my parents about my beliefs because they would have a heart attack and would never understand anything outside their system of beliefs. Sadly, what happens to the majority of religious folks…


It was night time, that is what made it extra creepy


Me too. Crappy ending but I just love Cody Fern as that character, :heart:


Yikes! Never heard that people would go preach so late. That is really weird :grimacing: