Do you ever admit to being on the LHP to others?


Oh dear. I can empathise completely. Stick with your own mind and own beliefs. People are conditioned since birth in many ways,not just religion and it is pretty deeply hardwired and can’t be undone in some folks.


My family does not know the specifics, I am selective about who I tell. For the world, I do not give a fuck. If it would endanger a situation regarding who knows, if it gives me long-term negative consequences (such as losing a house for example) I find it is better they do not know, but otherwise I just say what I am.


It’s not all that often I admit being LHP to others unless in a conversation where the topic is on a subject that could lead to introducing myself as such. I’ve had mostly positive interactions when doing so. Even recently when a newer friend and I had a talk about the historic record showing flaws in many organized religions I ended up pulling my pentagram necklace up above my shirt and remarked “well I guess it’s no longer a secret why I don’t mesh with organized fear and control tactics aka religions… lol” and the interaction went great and was well taken by newest friend who didn’t know my stance on such matters or belief.

As for family, most know that I’m not conventional and into metaphysics and new age views, however it’s unknown to them I’ve taken to the level that I’m at now, which is Left hand path / spiritual Satanist / Luciferian.

I’d love to have a woman in my life who has given her heart and mind over to Lucifer. With that being so, it would nearly guarantee compatibility in so many other areas as well. I think anyone here can readily know what I mean by that.

Anyhow much of it is all in how one presents themselves and in what context.


Lmao that’s the best answer I’ve heard.


I come from a very dysfunctional Christian family who could only just handle when I was RHP. If I thought it wouldn’t absolutely destroy my mother because she’d fear for my soul, I’d be open about it. Can care less what the rest of them think. Their homes filled with religious items, arguing, hate and regret. My home, is mostly peaceful. I find that very interesting.