Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Hello My fellow Black Magicians!!

It is that time of year again for Thanksgiving and I was wondering do you celebrate it??

I am new to this lifestyle, would it be an insult to the spirits??

Thank you for your input!!


Why would it be an insult to the spirits? Thanksgiving isn’t a religious holiday; it’s completely secular.

Honestly, I think beginners worry way too much about “insulting” the spirits and other religious nonsense. Even if it did insult them, so what? Are you going to let the spirits dictate your life to you?

The purpose of the holiday is pretty much in its name. It’s supposed to be a day devoted to feeling grateful, aka giving thanks, for the bounty and abundance of the harvest. You’re not giving thanks to anything or anyone in particular, though you can if you want to, but simply appreciating that which you have. It’s a celebration of plenty.


Yepper, even during the bad years I’ve managed to be given thanksgiving food to prepare so I wouldn’t be hungry, so I’ve always had a reason to be grateful even when I didn’t want to.

I’ve found being grateful for things, even the small ones makes a huge difference in my life, my magical life and it’s worth it to try to be grateful for something during the tougher times- it helps lift my mood.

I’ve never associated the holiday with anything religious. I’ve attended church functions for it, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced it as anything other than a day to remember what we are grateful for.

Even if it’s say oh I’m so grateful for all God has given me, the statement means essentially the same as I am grateful for all that I have.

But then when someone says they’ll pray for me to heal or whatever I thank them. I don’t see it any as being any different than offering to light a candle or do a ritual on someone’s behalf.

The only difference between the two in my eyes in this context is what the individual believes, that’s no different than me offering a candle to someone on here who doesn’t believe it’s okay I occasionally play tit for tat with entities that I don’t want to be closer to.

Longer rambles deleted because they get off topic and only serve to explain my personal actions and thoughts!


I don’t think so. I understand the controversial history around the holiday, but I don’t think the spirits are the types to be offended on someone else’s behalf, at least regarding the holiday. And if there’s any who do, I’d think they aren’t the types you should be working with.

As for me, I participate, but I don’t go all in. It’s mostly for family.


I celebrate it by cooking a large feast for my family as my young kids enjoy it, giving thanks for what we have and reflecting on the things for which we’re grateful, and best of all for me, watching football all day. I don’t think the spirits care to be honest.


Yes, my whole extended family gets together for a big thanksgiving feast. It’s not religious, really just a big family get together.


I celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks for what I have and to give thanks and praise to the Demons who have helped me with important problems in my life, especially over the last very difficult year I have had.

There is nothing to offend the spirits when you give thanks for anything. Just be sure to include them as well. :wink:


Only in the sense that I celebrate having a day off of work instead of having to work on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Gratitude should be a regular practice.


Its free food. Why not celebrate free food?


Myan, why would I be offended? Lol.


I believe that we all should practice gratitude every day of the year, not just in the month of November. The idea of “Thanks-Giving” is similar across many cultural traditions and religions, it has long been celebrated as a secular holiday as well. So, it is not an exclusive concept.


Oh, believe me… I practice my gratitude every day of the week. I think the spirits get tired of hearing me thank them as much as the people in my life do.

But I agree with your sentiment. :slight_smile:


Did so today, yes.

Nope! They don’t really care what you celebrate, to be honest.