Do you believe you need to open your third eye to be stronger in anything

Some people say no it’s a waste of time I can do magic or talk to demons then you have some who says to be more powerful it’s better to open up your third eye what do you think?

I think the more magick you do, the more this will develop.

I’m not sure I totally buy the concept it is there and can be “opened” - it seems more like a muscle that develops with time and use, but not slowly - usually in quantum leaps.

JMO and I know people have different views, weigh all opinions on this is my best advice. :+1:


This makes a lot of sense.


Concentration and visualization are the exercises. Simple, but way too underestimated. The goal should be to have a constant focus throughout the day, piercing all you do with the power of all that you are, like a constant prayer, maintaining concentrated awareness of the center and the circumference. When your point of focus attains enough gravity, the visions don’t stop and they overlay reality.


Daydreaming is the world’s most fun method of strengthening visualisation ability, need solitary time, not eyeballs glued to phone though. :wink:


I’ve been trying to open for years it’s not easy it requires lots of meditation but drugs is the quickest way but I wouldn’t try it I’ve seen ppl have mental break downs because they open up portals and strong demonic forces that they were not prepared for

A continuum like this is what Dzogchen Buddhists call Trechod. They were the ones who attained the rainbow body and literally transmuted their bodies into light.

Well since I wear glasses, if indeed I have a third eye, and if it ever opens, I wonder how silly I will look wearing glasses with 3 lens.



The concept of a “third eye” is taken from the Hindu yoga traditions and their concept of chakras, which wasn’t part of the Western Ceremonial Tradition until Blavatsky created Theosophy, and, being enamored with the “mysterious East,” made it so, along with the ideas of Atlantis, The Great White Brotherhood (which is in a hidden city in Tibet, of course) and the Akashic records. This stuff all had a great effect on groups like The Order of the Golden Dawn, who took most of it, and ran with it, adding in the Kabbalah and thus putting together what most now consider to be Traditional Western Ceremonial Magick.

The ancient mages we are descended from and that discovered things like mathematics, astronomy,and chemistry, did not need to “open” a metaphorical third eye to talk with spirits so I doubt we do. If you read actual traditional grimoires like the Goetia, or the Black Pullet, they do not make any mention about opening a “third eye.”