Do you believe that being a witch is being antichrist?

I found a lot of things written in the bible and in the tora of the jews against witches. It seems that god is completely against witches. But in the other hand I found some claims that jesus was himself a magician. What do you think?

There is in Old Testament several passages against witches and witchcraft, understand mostly as necromancy, and when you read scholars is because of of the tide to dominate jewish religion by priests from aaron line.

Other scholars focused on New testament highlight Jesus as magus or sorcerer for this is how his miracles were perceived in the first centuries. Also part of those scholars analysing language of bible shows Jesus as queer sexual pervert so…

In the decalogue there is nothing about witches, the passages are later from the book of Deuteronomy and later. It is important to understand that Bible has no one author but many, there were many versions during whole time till it was translated into greek and latin and that is canonical now. Words against witches comes from not a God but other men.

Lastly, laws prohibiting witchcraft or sorcery were quite common among pagan countries, in Greece and Rome etc. Witches were perceived as poisoners, fakes, political troublemakers. Acusation of witchcraft was ideal to destroy someones position as it was with Appolonius of Tyana, who had to defend himself in court. Later in reformation all three churches (catholic, orthodox and protestant) used accusations of witchcraft as political tool. And that happens till now.

So IMHO people are against witches not a god(s) themself, for witch can have a power for herself and could be dangerous to those who would like to keep her low. Bible is just another book written by men so it is a word of god as much as egyptian Book of Dead (but it is whorty of studying by witches but do not take it literally, there are chunks of lore hidden in it). And for sure if Jesus were a historical figure, he and people around him were some kind of heretics/gnostics/sectarians/sercerers. If you want to defend witchcraft in argument with some christians most probably you will fail, but if you asking about all this because you are considering to become a witch I highly recommend it, it is the best excuse for not being boring :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s some LHP people who take pride in calling themselves “antichrists” honestly no it doesn’t make you an antichrist or anything of the sorts. Christian Witches exist in 2020 they have existed years prior to 2020, they’re going to exist years after 2020. The Judeo God doesn’t control what people build around him, men in history were against witches not God, many witches use God in their workings and yield positive results.


I enjoy the concept of being “antichrist” as being against how Christianity has been warped. Being outside usual gender norms, taking power away from the powerful for myself, breaking apart systems that cause people suffering, etc. Antichrist like punk.

But no, historically, things were quite murky and blurred between Christianity and witchcraft. Look up things like gnosticism, esotericism, the Knights Templar, or even Pow-wow (a system of folk magic in Amish areas of Pennsylvania, a blend of German paganism and Christianity).

No, being a witch doesn’t make you “antichrist”.

I don’t think being “antichrist” is even a thing.

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I think it stupid how Christian’s make it out to be so evil to do magic most of all the people in the Bible they actually decided we’re worth talking about were all magicians in some since.

The anti Christ as far as I’m to understand it will be a singular individual and just teaches everything the opposite of Christ .