Do werewolf spirits and demon spirits get along with each other?

I know that werewolves have a similar frequency as demons. So I’m wondering if werewolves and demonic spirits get along!

No they don’t.

Depends on the werewolf and demon.

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Frequency is something that’s malleable to the individual and not racial at all. People who learn basic energy work can alter their energetic frequency as fast, slow, thick, thin, etc as they want.

The whole frequency to race thing is somewhat of a new age construction in my honest opinion, or atleast a idea only a few ritual magicians hold onto, but in direct energy work/magick, frequency is insanely too malleable to really have much an importance to race, dark, light, high, low and such.


Thanks any sources you would recommend on connecting with the demonic realms? Like energy work stuff

The infernal empire has demons, you either can do so by evocation of one of their powers (lucifer, belial, Paimon, etc) or through etheric projection there, or you can evoke Pazuzu who lord’s a part of the Abyss as well as Apollyon, abyssal demons reside there, but also creatures like large locusts and vampire entities, among other creatures.

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What offerings can I give belial?

Do I have to be able to see belial in full physical form to be able to evoke

I can see spirits but it’s not fully yet just in my peripheral vision right now

Some demons are encouraging werewolf shapeshifting so of course they get along. Some others vampire bat shapeshifting. Than the arachnid shapeshifting which is also very interesting and totally cool. It includes Scorpion shape and the Spider shape.

Ever so slightly off topic, how would one find werewolf entities?

Through evocation (you can make one up/use symbolisms) or learn etheric projection, a lot of times real entities (nonthoughtforms) travel to and from the astral like we do, so you can sometimes find them there as well by means similar to your own way.

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Thank you for your reply! I will try to come across them as they travel. Hopefully we cross pathes