Do we really need a temple for evocations?

I’m a Satanist, and according to what’s mentioned by the COS, you can carry rituals out without a physical temple etc. I’ve copied that information on here. I do this, and think it works, but I’m curious, does having a temple make any significant difference in the results?

" “Do I need all the things mentioned in The Satanic Bible to do my rituals?”
You don’t need everything mentioned in Dr. LaVey’s books to do an effective ritual. Maybe you don’t have the money to obtain—or the private space to store—items such as swords, chalices, black robes, gongs, and elaborate altars. Ritual is theatre meant to stimulate your emotions, so you may vary the details to suit your personal needs and situation. Sometimes the most effective ritual chamber is found in your own imagination, with your eyes closed and your Will focused—the theatre of the mind.

Here, because many have requested it, is a powerful, yet simple, ritual you can perform and all you need is a quiet place where you can be alone, a Sigil of Baphomet, either as a medallion or as a picture, and a single black candle. Be sure the candle is placed in a safe holder so that there is no danger of fire:

Light the candle and set it before you. Place the medallion or picture of the Sigil of Baphomet so that it is visible just above and safely beyond the flame of the candle. Sit up straight, breathe deeply and relax. Clear your mind of all outside thoughts. As you gaze at the flame, say in your mind or out loud, “I am ready, oh Dark Lord. I feel your strength within me and wish to honor you in my life. I am one of the Devil’s Own. Hail Satan!” Open your mind; look within. You may shift your gaze from the flickering flame into the eyes of the goat in the Sigil, and sense your essential self reflected in it. When you feel you’ve reached that primal part of yourself, and that the words you spoke ring with truth, speak the words “So it is done,” with intensity and conviction. Breathe deeply again. As you exhale, blow out the candle. You may then place the medallion on a necklace and wear it openly or hidden, or if you used a picture, store it in a private place until the next time you choose to perform this ritual.

It will take time. You may think you are ready, but you may still find you cannot let go right away. Concentrate on your image of Satan and on the word “strength” and listen to what comes up from yourself. You have answers for yourself that no one else can give you. This is a simple way of aligning yourself with what Satan means to us, discovering that in yourself, and it will help you in finding the stamina and courage to guide yourself to greater achievements. The path you’ve chosen won’t be easy; sometimes it may be a nightmare. But when you are ready to face the challenge, it will be there."


@Hermes @J.A.Ragnarson, any advice?

you really don’t need much to evoke, If you know how to fall into the correct state of minds you really don’t need any tools at all. The only tools you need are the ones you believe you need.

an altar or ritual room helps by setting the frame of mind for the ritual. If you had a room you only used for your rituals, then when you enter that room your subconscious will know it’s magick time and you’ll fall into deeper states more easily.


Still new to this, but for me sigil’s drawn on paper, candles etc. is enough
Even my mind only is enough, i like chants and enn’s a lot though.

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I draw Sigils too when I’m awake. a candle or maybe 3 depending on how I feel that day and incense. Sometimes none of those as I can picture my own temple and just go to it in my mind. Idk if it’s just me, but I most of the time get into a trance quicker b4 I sleep. I’ve made a habit if it’s an entity I usually reach out to, to say their name repeatedly while laying down. When It feels like I’m where I want to be, I’ll ask whatever question i have. I’ve had some remarkable experiences doing evocations this way. I just can’t get as good of an experience when I’m wide awake. I had maybe 1 OMG moment when you can feel the entity’s presence on your skin, and the candle flame grew bigger. Any ideas on how I can improve my experience when awake? I almost thought having a physical temple would make a difference, but clearly per posts so far, not much of a difference.

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A. Lucifer,

All correct. The “theatre of the mind” is another way of expressing well known hermetic techniques.

Finally, and by no means are you the only one, but because I’m of the Old School Western (High) Magick tradition; it isn’t a ‘Sigil of Baphomet’ - it’s a SEAL. Seals and sigils are related, but very different (as practice will show).


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I would build a relationship with Satan first through ritual, approaching him as a living god through
making a circle and the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram

Anton Szenor Lavay actually died due to not having done his magick in the right way, which very much sucks to go out that way- he had performed a ritual to kill someone through a car accident, but he got in an accident himself. Also, approaching any being as a living god by performing the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram is a must if you wish to make it properly throughout existence - in your first encounter -
people make the huuuge mistake to worship satan or a deity, while he is in fact an aspect of your God-Mind/the one Godmind you are One with, in oneness and equality with any being therein.
All beings therein generally represent archetypes that you can master so you become more whole in the here and now. People that workship entities end up being energetically enslaved, and entities generally sometimes make people feel like ‘how much more of this do you want’ -

Also Satan is much much much more than what Anton S.L. writes about him -
I used to read the Satanic Bible and then realized that reality was very different in many ways, in the multidimensional experience of it. There’s much I’d love to share about conversations and experiences with Satan that can be pure gold for anyone that would like to work with him…; Some people see or understand him in a perspective of evil and vice, but that only depends on the individuals relation to satan, as he is inherently good, within. I feel I should make a video about him? There’s a lot to tell…; :slight_smile:


Hey… good info. Lavey however used Satan as a symbol for rebellion something about Satan is the figure christians consider the adversary, so Church Of Satan would be a fitting name. LaVey’s Satan is, “the spirit of progress, the inspirer of all great movements that contribute to the
development of civilization and the advancement of mankind. He is the spirit of revolt that leads to
freedom, the embodiment of all heresies that liberate.” And per the Satanic statements, He is a good guy too like you mention. I personally don’t worship Satan, but Satanism has opened a way to learn more about other entities I’m interested in. I found myself to agree with some, if not most of the philosophy. So if I follow u, do you suggest getting to know Satan 1st before working with other entities? It’s sad he had an accident. I guess that’s why they say if you send harm in one’s way, u will get it back 3x…

I don’t know anything about Satanism but if you’re going to follow or belong to a specific order then you need to follow instructions.

That said, you need only your mind to evoke. I get more vivid manifestations and touch when I chant or speak out to the entity. When I do a "formal " evocation it takes me a bit longer. Likely because I’m putting too much thought into it.


Thanx @AradiaX.

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No problem hun

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According to Laveyan Satanism, Satan is just a symbol though. It’s not theistic Satanism, so he unlike the christian God isn’t a jealous God. I’ve learned some new stuff on here in the few days I’ve been here. I might re-evaluate what I’m doing/getting involved with. Thanx again.

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I just mean if you’re joining a group of people or order then you’d have to follow their rules. But I think alot if not most of us here read everything and take what we need from it. There are no absolutes, and you’ll see alot from people’s experiences. Good luck!

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