Do vampires and werewolves exist?

Im talking about in physical form, not astral form.


So what’s the difference between the physical and astral when both are equally experienced as the same “concrete existence” to competent magicians?

I don’t know about you but if you can get out of body to the degree I can then there really is no difference between the dayside and nightside. The only thing that makes it different is the mask you wear to keep up appearances.


I’ve never met one but I have encountered things that seemed physical then mysteriously vanished. I once was walking through a soybean field by the woods with a friend and I must have been about 12 or 13 at the time, as we were walking we heard a strange growl and my friend Glen turned around to speak to me and stopped dead in his traks. He then goes on to tell me that he sees a huge dog behind me I turn around and see a gigantic big black wolf like creature with red eyes standing on all fours as tall as I stood at 13, I was shocked we both took off running through the soy fields. We ran and ran and the beast chased us snarling and growling until we reached the road when we ran across it vanished into thin air. We just stood there in shock and awe at what we had just experienced. On the walk home we tried to rationalize it all then when we finally came to our senses and realized that we were dealing with something paranormal. I still get the feeling that if it wanted us dead we would be dead and it seemed to just want to chase us out of it’s territory. We then went back to his house and played Nintendo do any of you remember the game Contra? We played the fuck out of that game that night and beat the motherfucker. I think we might have just played Nintendo all night to not have to think about what we had experienced and that we can’t explain it.


Great point from @Dorian.Grey. I don’t think that physical (holywood-like) vampires and werewolfs exist, at least not what you expect it to be, but to be honest, there is no difference between the physical and astral werewolfs because they all have the same behaviours. Most people don’t understand that spirit (soul) is main source of us. Someone may have human body but to be blessed and be e.g. werewolf in astral and he will behave in very similar way as “wolfs” in general. By that I mean, to have strong connection when it comes to moon, astral combat (fighting skills) etc.

You have to understand that, astral is physical, and physical is astral. They are indeed so connected and you may not realize that. One just can’t work without another.

Anyway, back to our topic. As far as I know, werewolfs have big potential for astral combat, and to be predators in general. They usually have that some sort of blessing which “put them into pure-rage” during fight and they won’t give up that easy until someone get hurt really bad.

I can’t tell you how I know this but let’s just say that I did some research about it in past and I know it really well (in my opinion).

Anyway, if you are interested about this a bit more and have some questions, feel free to PM me and I’ll tell you what I know from my experience.

~ Flame


That’s sounds so interesting! How long did it take yall to get home? It most likely was a werewolf from what you say


I’ve only heard rumors from so-called ex-high level, hardcore satanists. I don’t have any proof however.

I’ve only heard rumors from so-called ex-high level, hardcore satanists. I don’t have any proof however.[/quote]

I remember seeing interviews and hearing the same during the 1980’s Satanist scare. All sorts of would-be ex high Priests or priestess of a Satanic cult claiming to have dealt with physical Vampires and werewolves during their X-ian testimonials.

I heard somewhere that werewolves were actually “highly possessed” high level satanists in specific covens that are able to physically shift shape into large lycanthropes. Supposedly when a certain rank was reached they could choose between becoming a werewolf or a vampire.

It’s possible. They would never come out and just tell you though. The world is stranger than you know. Rougarous, Wendigos, bigfoot–I think they’re all related somehow. Different species of hybrid beings.


We live in a very weird and secretive world. Magick has a habit of surprising you.

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[This is the video 🤔]

Vampires, Yes. Personal experience with them, can’t prove it :slight_smile:

No idea if Werewolves do exist or not, but my personal opinion is that they do exist as some kind of curse or witchcraft practice. The only thing I found about them, supported by some kind of evidence, is the case of SkinWalkers. Not exactly the same, but close enough I guess.

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Actual vampires that drink blood? I don’t know about that, but I do believe that some people are energy vampires. I think we’ve all met people that just seem to drain you when you’re around them. I think of it kinda like that.

I haven’t ever seen a werewolf either, nor have I ever heard of anyone seeing them. I’ve heard of skinwalker sightings which seem very similar in appearance to what werewolves are portrayed as looking. I also remember once I was walking with a friend at night as a teenager, and we were on this road near my parent’s property. There were cornfields on each side of us, and we kept hearing this rustling on one side that seemed to be following beside us, but from inside the field, so we couldn’t actually see anything. We heard this deep, loud snarl though and booked it out of there. There are coyotes around and have been the occasional bobcat sightings in the area, but this sounded much bigger than that. I still don’t know what exactly it was that we heard.


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Can’t say anything about werewolves, but here’s something interesting on vampires:

V.K. Jehannum also talks about this topic (he references Michelle Belanger’s book “The Psychic Vampire Codex”, which is very informative btw.)

This chap explains it very very well. At least the vampirism part.

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I am an alien-vampire-timelines-slider does that count?

Energy vampires - Yes.

Werewolves - I don’t know.

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You could be setting next to a vampire or a werewolf or lycan and not know it. I my self have lycan and vamp

Even if literal canine-human-like beings don’t exist, the physical ‘werewolf’ could still be defined by people who adopt elements of those traits through ritual.

So, maybe shapeshifting werewolves are fantasy, but if someone could adopt some physical traits and instincts related to wolves, like increased stamina, smell, etc through petitioning an entity associated with lycanthropy, then it could be said physical werewolves ‘exist’