Do this new Science and that old Black Magic talk about the same thing?

Hello anyone with great experience and knowledge,
I just watched this video:
it’s a scientific talking about other dimensions and the force within us. I found so many similarities to the
black magic “principles”. I never did evoke once nor do I know anything about feeling an entity.
It seems to me that black magic and that new science of the mind and energy within us talk about the same thing: omnipresence,omnipotence and omniscience. But this video says it with scientific words.
Entanglement of particules. The Big Banged had all particules entangled together so now,every particule is linked to any other,that means we already anywhere. If the information,even our memory,is written not in our mind but in the matrix,that means we could all just reach for it.: we could know anything. And if emotions have an effect on matter,we could do anything.
Does that “new science” say the same as you sorcerers?
Love and peace on all of you


You are absolutely correct. Science simply explains the HOW of “magic” people have been practicing since the dawn of humanity. I say “magic” in quotations and without a K because people have believed that it is something unnatural, something out of the ordinary, something extra-ordinary, something magical, when in-fact MAGICK is 100% natural and UN-“magical”. Does that make sense? It follows all the laws of nature. Anything mystical or “magical” about MagicK is simply what scientists have yet to understand (but they understand a great deal already!) We are SO close to obtaining all the pieces, although physicists will say they are so far away.
I have always found it difficult to learn about magick over the years. I think I had some sort of deterrent fucking with my information flow as I was only able to find really stupid books and really small people as “teachers” over the years. I have learned magick mostly alone but with the help of physics. There is something to be said for intuition and theoretical/particle physics ! If you connect with science then you can totally learn magick that way.

Also, fun things to research if you are just starting out are:
String Theory (obviously)
11 dimensions (IMO best explained by Stephen Hawking, he is an amazing teacher)
Simulation Theory
Gravity as a particle (love this one)

Based on the video you linked, I think you would just die (in a good way) if you watched Nassim Haramien’s lectures. He is largely discredited by the scientific community, however they are starting to begrudgingly agree with a few of his points he made many many years ago. He also claims to have discovered the structure of the vacuum of space. I have yet to receive confirmation on the legitimacy of this idea by some trusted physicists I know, but all of his works are food for thought.


100 percent modern science is merging occult with science, its truth, the spiritual immaterial produces reality and matter not the other way around as we all know.

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What you say makes a lot of sense. And you are right,Nassim Haramien is discredited and really under rated. His theories blew my fucking mind!
The Theory of the Holographic universe says that every point in the universe contains within it the information of the whole universe. Every point in the universe is the universe itself.
Wich makes omnipresence,omnipresence and omniscience scientifically understandable.
Would that mean that we could do all the things entities do for us,without evocation.
Ironicly in this case,a good evocation would answer faster than science.
Anyone up to the test of cracking this one: ask one of the most powerful entity you know this : can we do what they do,go where they go and know what they know without their help?
Lots of love

The Temple of Set received assistance from the American government. Why was/is that?
Science has always been behind Magick, although it’s catching up.


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What sort of assistance? I saw that they received a tax break for being a recognised church.

What you are describing is the type of magick I practiced up until recently. I was told it is called Chaos Magick but it is different from the Chaos Magick which used the Chaosphere and all of that. I simply used the understanding that I am god and have all power inside of me since I am everything. I have all knowledge as well. That is how I use my psychic abilities. I am everything. I manifest my own reality. I am god. I am creator. I am all knowing, all powerful. People can and do all the things without demons. I think it is just slower going. From my own experience as well as what I have heard from others, if you work with a demon they can give you easier access (like information downloads direct to your brain) to information vs having to sift through all possibilities of lets say, how the pyramids were made, within your intuitive mind to try to find the grains of truth. Without their help it can take years of research but it is totally possible. Even downloads are possible without them but it has been rare in my life and who knows if it wasn’t them after all.

Another point of view which touches upon the topic of
"every point in the universe contains within it the information of the whole universe. Every point in the universe is the universe itself. "
is Alchemy. I found this explanation with the book The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P Hall. The way he writes and speaks makes me feel like I’m reading a very unintriguing text book from 1940, however he is an expert on nearly every subject. Truly a legend of a man.


Who do you think would be the best appropriate demon or angel for me to ask about that knowledge and why? I just feel so small compared to a demon. Just like when I started surfing,i am afraid to be crushed. I try to get that Burning Desire before starting. Remember,I took my head out of my ass just a month ago. I am an atheist who just understood how particule-entanglement ,black magic and buddhism talk about the same possibilities. That means that Sciences is just a language of the truth. Not a truth. My mind is still twisting and i still have to go through the Laws of Attraction. What’s your opinion on those Laws of Attraction? It seems you use the same words in that law and in black magic: I am the creator. It has to come from the heart,right?

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Ahh Magic is like ciggarettes when you will start you will not think about to stop it is beutifully

The 2 proofs i need is an astral journey and an encounter with a (wise) entity. I just don’t know if i need a circle of protection for me and a triangle of restrain for that entity. As E.A. says,both sound really rude. But why is it written that the circle of protection and the triangle of restrain are important to protect me? Does respect works better than slavery with entities? Or is it like a pet tiger: “better chain it up,you never know”

Neither are actually protective. But if the two devices help you to focus and be completely within the moment and the ritual, they can be helpful. But neither are required.

Also: don’t approach in fear. Approach it like a business contract. They have something you want, and you have something they want.

Thank you for that advice. And what would they want from me? Just elevation of the mind? I understand they don’t want my soul . What could I give them that those Gods can’t take themselves?

Ask them.

For instance Lucifer told me that my ascension is my sacrifice to him. Almost like I am sacrificing the old me at the altar to create the space and energy needed to evolve.

I totally understand the concept. I ill go and try to understand how to evoke. Do you have a source of info about the first ritual I should do and how to do it properly? I downloaded so many books but do know where to start learning the right method. If I just have the sigil and my heart is really into it,could it work ? or i really need to use the same method as anybody else?

I meant I don’t know where to start learning

So far EA’s method feels the “easiest” to me personally. His book Evoking Eternity, or better yet his Mastering Evocation e-course is fucking amazing! It really helped me “get it.”

The reason I recommend the course is because it is comprehensive and also helps in learning how to communicate and perceive spirits.

I was trying to free way to do it :wink: but it’s fair to ask money for teaching what took a lifetime to learn,like university teachers do. It seemed to me E.A.'s approach would eliminate all the bullshit and all the unnecessary.
Alright,as soon as I will feel fully ready,I’ll fully open my heart to it and will give it a try.

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Beelzebub has told me the same thing and he has told others this as well. He just wants me to be my most powerful, badass self and he will be my teacher/master/authority figure. It seems weird that that’s all he wants. Surely there is more specific things ? I don’t really care though, just curious.

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After all,all people who fought to end of slavery just wanted the former slaves to be their equal and to enjoy freedom. Maybe some demons are just the most altruist beings ever