Do the spirits

…wish they could be in our realm? I remember watching EA’s Azazel video in which Azazel said you have no idea how much they [the spirits] want to be in our realm. So what stops them, is my real question.

…What stops anybody from truly taking control of their own spirit and effecting the totality of all that they wish?

These spirits can be brought into this realm but they have to do it the same way as we do they have to incarnate. Have you ever read Crowley’s Moon child? Just like a human soul reincarnated memory and identity are severely diminished from the previous life. The other way is possession but it has limitations. Incarnating for these spirits isn’t something they can do easily from that end, they need our help over here. They also take on the limitations of the human body in exchange for sensory pleasures. But when they get here they wouldn’t even know they were a demon but would probably find themselves attracted to black magick and the occult to find themselves. I know there are many on this forum that fall into that category.