Do spirits talk to each other on two separate evocations?

I’ll have to detail my question and what I mean with a short story, as I cannot find the words to describe misunderstanding in a single question, which I’m good at.

The story is magician A(names anonymous) evoked Focalor to slay businessman A. Magician A then evoked Hekaltor shortly (either before or after not to sure) to destroy business man A’s company. Both request completely reasonable within the physical as businessman A is not a magician and his company are terrible at running their business and is small in size. Magician A asked Belial while doing a separate evocation and said “focalor is waiting for the time to strike as (businessman a) would do more harm to the company alive then dead”.The question is would focalor and hekaltor communicate together to bring about the most destructive path?

This question can transferred to any other subject. Love, wealth etc. the main question is “on two separate evocation, with two spirits, for similar purposes for both evocation would these spirits communicate?”


So . . . My question for you is why do you want to destroy someone’s business?

I tell my experience, I star the lucky mojo in my city.wen u was young.i still a chick break of a ocult store focus in hoodoo.competion.trusty friend chick break whit chick and steal her every company.oil etc. He open a hoodo store, chick got mad,guy humiliate her in public, magic is trow in.guy send a spirt chick freak ask me for destroy his business bcse court not helps .let’s say it’s not pretty.i told her get tis.and I will do a proctecion. It tey are no in contact.but things cool down.someone destroy busdines has motived.byt if u u are in war, proctecion first.

And the example maybe take a year or more to see tat resukts

@desmonX Short answer? Yes. Spirits often communicate with each other when their purposes become intermingled. This is common, particularly in group evocations or any time a “team” is called for.

You have to consider…the spirits study you just like you study them in many instances, so they have to sort out things according to YouR own best interest in accordance to what they were called to do.