Do spirits seem to come a little more subtly when you have people over?

So i live w 1 roommate in a small apartment & hes cool w all my wizard stuff. However i do notice when hes here anything i evoke comes with a smaller presence than normal. I think they know if they come in guns ablazing like usual itll be felt by everyone lol

I try to evoke by myself mostly but one time with king paimon i could barely feel his presence & then my roommate came out his room after the ritual & i didnt even know he was home.

Just wanna hear everyones experience w this

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I’m afraid I haven’t. I have a dedicated temple that is well warded, no energy goes in or out that doesn’t have permission, but even if I did something in the middle of the living room floor with someone playing on a PC right next to me I didn’t notice any difference that I remember.

Could your own system be keeping things hushed for some reason?

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No clue. Maybe its internal now that i think about it. My subconscious could not be putting 100 percent of my energy into it if someone could hear me due to stigma surrounding it.

My roommate walked right into the middle of an evocation last night as the spirit was coming thru, i felt the energy move from in front of me to behind me when he came out. However i still remain in TGS no matter whats happening around me.

I am doing rituals whenever i feel like it tho instead of mentally putting myself in that mindset an hour or so before hand. That could be another reason. I am gonna implement a quiet the mind meditation beginning each ritual now so i can hear the spirits with more clarity

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