Do spirits mark people?

This picture is to give everyone an visual idea of the mark that I’m currently feeling on my face.

One dot is on my 3rd eye area
One dot is under my left eye
An one dot is under my right eye

The only symbol I can think of is the fire sigh but anyone have any ideas?

I have that exact mark on the inside of my left wrist. It’s like a tattoo that only I can see.

I have my UPG of what it is but I tend not to share that.


The answer is, yes, they do.


Wish I knew what spirit it doing this lol

Hm I haven’t experienced any scratches it happens it happens when I’m thinking hard about a subject.

The thing is it tends to form other formations from that triangle and it goes around my entire face

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Hmm interesting

Yes, not sure why tho

The Mark of the Devil is true, lots of occultists say the opposite but powerful witches indeed have them and oft on the face and/or neck.


I’ve been told that I’ve been “marked” a few times, but it seems to be something more intangible.

Recently though I had an experience where I seemingly received a mark or something of some kind of script or unknown runes/sigils.