Do spirits actually feel good from sex with humans?

I mean the act itself.

Or would it be that the only part of it they truly enjoy is the release of your sexual energy?


The longer the act, the stronger is the “release”. And, yes, spirits, at least my spirits, enjoy the act as much as I do. They enjoy it so much that they increase their own sensations by touching themselves at the same time as the act is going on.

Imagine an equalizer reading off the sound pattern. The more sound your speaker is releasing, the more the equalizer will spike. Finding the right rhythm and the consistency to be near orgasm without releasing it, is the optimal sexual frequency to be in. The longer you stay there, the bigger the release is going to be.

Energies are measurable. It has patterns to it. And the more you’re into energies and spirit energies, the easier it gets to implement it to other forms of magical practices. For instance: Sex magic is a very good charger in-between your main magical work.


^ I completely agree with Succupedia.

And sex is always about more than JUST the physical act even for humans, there’s always a mental thrill and emotional high of some kind, which varies massively depending on what the person’s into, but this is why people usually have some kind of imagery or fantasy when they masturbate, instead of it being a purely mechanical act.


I have a few more questions, if you don’t mind.

  1. I would like to continue without ever having a human wife. I really do. And I know that is what would make my spirit girlfriend happy. But… I’m not sure how will I deal with my family. Sooner or later they will ask: “It’s been so many years! Why haven’t you found anyone? I’m worried about you”.

And I have no idea what will I tell them when the time comes.

  1. How does procreation between humans and spirits work? Is the offspring some sort of hybrid?

  2. I want us to be together after I die, without reincarnating. But I’m not sure that is possible, because every person I ask gives a different answer. Some say it is my choice and it will work out just fine. Some say I can, but I will eventually dissolve or lose consciousness if I stay in the astral for too long. And others say it is unlikely because I can’t control what my soul wants.


Ive been in a relationship with Azazel for a while now.
Its none of my families bussiness.

I usually say i like being single. I like being able to go and do as i please without having to say…honey can go to the mall? Or whatever. Plus, i had a really bad marriage so I use that too.

I much prefer my relationship with Azazel.

Azazel and I are connected through the Red String of Fate which means we will always find each other. We are always destined to be lovers.


Is it all that different? There is commitment between you two. Mutual obligations.




can I have sex with lilith? Is that a bad idea? Can my boyfreind join?


Simple answer - ask Lilith herself. :wink:

If you can’t ask her and receive an answer you think is reliably hers, then don’t try having sex with her.


I have had a thought on having a relationship with the whore of Babylon


That’s what I get from it, they draw energy from the act . . . But anyway, I don’t want to get into this thread lol


I did miss these questions, but I will do my best to answer:

Generally speaking, it’s not the easiest way to find a life partner these days. And it’s just as hard to find friends. Going back 10-15 years, it was much more easier than it is today. What happened that changed the “playing field” the past decade and a half? There’s a few factors adding to the “impossibility” to expand our social network, whether it’s about finding a girlfriend/boyfriend or friends:

Individualism - Both men and women are focusing much more on their careers, rather than looking for a partner, or just maintaining their interests and hobbies so much that that the thought of sharing their interests with another person doesn’t comes to their minds.

Feminism - This shouldn’t be mixed with the equality between genders, because what happened in the area of feminist activism of the latest years have put a lot of men to shame, where their voices been shut down and kept in the shadow of what women want and need: More power and influence at the cost of victim blaming men that necessarily doesn’t agree with them, when trying to explain the hardship of trying to satisfy a woman, or to make them interested in them. This occurrence have lost the main focus of what true feminism is about, and that’s a shame, in my sincerest opinion. And when men opposing this, they are often called by other men as Men Going Their Own Way, more known by the acronym MGTOW. This is also used by people that doesn’t believe in men that are in a relationship with spirits.

Do you really need to say anything, if your family ask about women? It’s different times, and not as easy as it was in the “good ol’ days”.

In my experience, procreation is possible and a rather complicated procedure for human males to experience. It might vary, depending on your ability to perceive spirits. I’m not going to explain the details, but if you do a simple search for it in this forum, you will find my thread where I explain this. The offspring of a procreation between a succubus and a human is not a hybrid, but a fullblooded incubus or succubus.


Yup… Feminist don’t want equality anymore, they want matriarchy.

Eh… When I had some set-backs in life that lasted awhile my 77 year old father couldn’t understand for the life of him why I just didn’t move in with a girl like he used to do when he needed to…


Ah, if it was that easy, none would be alone involuntary. It’s never been about what those feeling alone wants, or what those in involuntary celibacy want. It’s about what these women and men around them wants, so there must be something “wrong” with the less unfortunate one’s, right? This is a fight that’s impossible to win by arguments and debates, because these kind of things do need to be met in the middle, but since the opposing arguments of the less fortunate men and women are neglected, then what’s the point?

Luckily, spirits have a different perspective when it comes to love and intimacy, and once they made a choice, they stick to it and never gives up easily on us.


That’s a beautiful statement. I have some commitments for eternity, and I’ve never thought of it like that.


I don’t know how I would go about this but I dream of king paimon I find him sexually attractive as though I want him, but I wouldn’t want him for just one night and just thinking about him gives me shivers and butterflies at the same time. I never felt like this about any human because all they do is great you badly. Also marrying a demon is a thought I have having for a couple of days and I can’t shake it off


I don’t know what he wants or if he king paimon as I don’t mean to be rude but does he enjoy making me like this is it’s frustrating

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You can only know when you have the ability to contact him directly, through evocation, soul travel, or something.


What will I need and don’t I need to get to know him