Do solo witches befriend other solo witches?

Or is it like tigers in the jungle, or ships crossing in the night?
Even though i probably wouldn’t join a coven rn, I used to get over-excited discovering other female witches in my area, but they don’t seem that keen on interacting with me. I feel like maybe there is more pressure to not make mistakes, perhaps. I think my energy might be more chaotic.

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ime, best case scenario, it feels kinda like a loose feline collective. we share territory, we sorta look out for each other (if we feel like it), sometimes (rarely) work together, sometimes fight, but are never really close knit, save for one or two special ones we might warm up to… but always wary of newcomers.

also, i dont do covens…


Personally, I wish there were magical minded people in my area that I could interact with. I don’t know if I could go full coven so to speak. I tend to be a solitary creature.

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True Wytches/Warlockes work in threes, wittingly or not. A maid, mother and crone may all think they’re practicing independently, respectively glamoring herself up/ensorcelling boyfriends, cursing past lovers, and making powerful protection spells for people and animals and places she loves with no knowledge of the activities of the other two, for example, all the while exchanging regents, ideas, perspectives, and perhaps inspiration for points of praxis to each other…


I should qualify, in the context of this forum, I dont think of witches as specifically female, but maybe more in society, socially, I do. Its like I dont feel the need to point out that lots of gay people were also killed during the holocaust, everytime a jewish person expresses something etc

I think there is more pressure on women to be successful and hold it together as a magical practitioner, and perhaps more need to. Where as men can decide to eat nothing but fried chicken, or cocaine and chillis for a month and call it a chaos magick thing.

But, one upside is that when I focus on and bring out witch behaviour in female friends, it tends to strengthen our friendship, at least yes, at certain times. But it also empowers independence, which probably sticks out more as uncomfortable because its not so commonplace.

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Warlocke, traditionally, is the term for a male wytch.

More generally, most practicing magicians/occultists are at least taught in dyads or triads; the numbers they learn to practice in and with can vary broadly.


I feel like the maiden, magma, crone triad has some use, at least in giving respect to different times in life, but its also a fairly rigid and dull stereotype of any woman, and personally I’d be a little disappointed if my maiden sister was spending all her energy doing spells on her boyfriend or ex… although I do absolutely love the idea of what you’re saying about how its deeply connected but separate.

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I’ve posted on here about overcoming depression, an addiction to alcohol, borderline eating disorder, and a ton of other crap (some of which I continue to have to deal with) and literally no-one has held that against me at any stage, nor used it in a negative way. :thinking:

In magick, “what the thinker thinks, the prover proves” is a really important maxim. :man_shrugging:


Yeah the maid thing’s a bad cliche if a long standing one; the triple goddess is as sophisticated a rabbit hole as it gets, and folk notions tend toward the oversimple even when they’re not purely ill-informed bullshit. Still, the common man sees what the aristos blind themselves to…

In my experience of the modern American Wytch it’s far more often the maids amulet protecting everything and everyone they love while the mothers are casting glamors and fucking with the hearts of lovers and the crones curse-ishly maim and kill with wild abandon in every spare second they get from a bridge game or spoiling the crap out of their grandkids.

I was just trying to come up with a potential excuse. Whereas i wouldn’t know. As i say, i get excited and then confused. It’s not something that I think about or encounter of have problems with, because I tend to not inspire that in women in daily, non-magickal life. I find people’s maxims around projection confusing also. It’s the second time you’ve said that to me today, on two completely different subjects, and so to me it does come across nebulous, although I will reflect on it. And I am talking about magick, not lifestyle choices, and whether or not one feels the need to uphold a certain powerful imago in a way which doesnt allow making mistakes, magically.

It’s definitely a great forum for non-judgementality, at least on face value. Although everyone seems to draw their own line about mental illness, for example, in a way which is very passive. I guess my experiences with instagram has been a little rougher, because it is a helpful medium for finding local practitioners, and good platform for a mixture of intimate and formal information. But in my experience, women tend to spend more time passive aggressively using other women’s practice as examples of what they DON’T DO, than engaging or celebrating difference.

A part of me wants to throw an iron kettle at you for asking such an insipid question, but, for the sake of argument, I’ll go ahead and answer.

Witches, wiccans, satanists, necromancers, angelics, and just straight up heathens and hedonists are all still human at the base of their physical body.
Humans are social animals, and if we meet each other, and we find out that we have a shared interest, chances are we going to sit there and discuss it.
We aren’t going to seek out people that practice the same as us and try to start marking territory like a coyote marking its territory, we’ll share ideas, if we don’t get along, will leave each other alone.

Honestly, are you going to attack somebody because they don’t have the same outlook on Pokemon go as you?

Silly question, yes, but not stupid, the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked.


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The observations may seem passive but the action of creating real tangible change (making measurable material changes, not acquiring “enlightening” platitudes), which so many of us are doing, from personal up to global levels, is far from passive.

If you walked past someone lazing in a deckchair admiring an empty greenhouse, you may think this person is too passive to even go in and do some gardening.

In reality he’s spent the last 5 hours, and 60 in the past week, building the damn thing.

Magick is the art of taking what’s in your mind and making reality conform to it, not the art of constantly looking inwards to check if you are conforming yourself.

There is the dead eye, which sees only the decaying forms already manifest and prone to entropy and rot; and the living eye within, that sees that which it is to bring into being. I first wrote that in March 2016, and E.A. goes into considerably more detail about this concept in his latest video.

By definition, most of the world whose only concern is dealing with the things other people have manifested for them will consider this insane: look at the weird man and his candles, talking to voices in his head.

But a firetruck looks like a pretty crazy and ridiculous form of transport, unless you know what it’s for… :man_shrugging:


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